A “cinema” of a different kind. And worth a visit! A film that takes place virtually in the sky. An Audio that rotates 360 degrees around you. The Media Dome at Kiel University of Applied Sciences can offer you all this and much more. An experience you shouldn’t miss.
You sit on the chair, look up and no matter where you’re looking around, something is happening everywhere. You can forget your everyday life for a moment and enjoy the inversion of the media dome. The 360 degree images can take you away. You’re just sitting on a comfortable chair, but you feel like you’re in the middle of a loop on a roller coaster or as if you’ve flown into space for a moment. But what many people don’t know is that the Media Dome at Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers much more than just 360-degree films. The ambiance in the room without corners is also suitable for audio plays, concerts, or even mini theaters. Media Dome offers between 25 and 30 shows each quarter, ranging from young to old. 

This medium is unique in the fact that it not only shows a virtual reality or immersion but also provides a space where an experience is created.

Lara Herchenbach, Multimedia production student
Picture: Kiel University of Applied Sciences website, Mediendom
Diving into the universe in the media dome (Photo: Kiel University of Applied Sciences website, media dome)

You can see the program of media dome on the website. In January, for example, you can listen to the premiere of the new radio play “Die drei ??? – und die singende Schlange“. Or do you want to go to a concert in an extraordinary room? Then you can listen to Flensburg guitarist Chris Hanson live in the media dome. In February a new children’s story “3-2-1- Liftoff!” is coming. There you can experience the journey of the little hamster Elon.  

Did you know? 

The media dome is also a learning center for students. Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers courses on media dome for various departments, which makes media dome something special. Students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the medium during class time. This a unique opportunity, because this is not possible with every media dome.

Here in Kiel, we give students flexibility that doesen’t exist in other comparable planetraiums because the events there are too close together. Students can realize their ideas at Kiel UAS, and that’s what makes us so unique.
– Markus Schack, Head of the Center for Cultural and Science Communication

For beginners, for example, there is the course “Basics of the Show production in the Mediadome”. Here, students have the opportunity to get to know the technology in the Mediadome and the corresponding software tools, and they can produce their first simple projects in the Mediadome.

As you can see, media dome offers many different activities. Be it to enjoy or to learn. Maybe you’ll discover something new for yourself.