A welcome sign adorns the front door. Houseplants and lamps are hanging in baskets from the ceiling. Wooden seating areas with lots of pillows and blankets are creating a cozy vibe.
The café “Tjorvi’s” at Kiel´s “Bootshafen” across from Schwedenkai opened in August. The new place to be for vegans!

Vegan delish with a lovely water view

 View over Kiel´s “Bootshafen” (©Sara Blume)

The idea for “Tjorvi`s” came to the owner Tjorven Friedrichs, who is living vegan herself, while visiting a bakery. “I asked myself: why are they not having a selection of delicious vegan sandwiches? During a vacation to Berlin, I noticed a large selection of vegan cafés and restaurants. In Kiel we do only have one of those. Why can´t you find more cafés like that in our city?”

Using Google Maps and Happy Cow, a platform where you can search for vegan restaurants, Tjorven searched for a completely vegan restaurant in Kiel – just to be sure. She came across restaurants that offered sporadic vegan dishes. But there was just one place to go for a completely vegan cuisine.

“What Kiel needs is a well-designed vegan kitchen. I love going out to eat. In doing so, I almost always find out: the cook or cooks certainly do not live vegan. For example, a vegan dish is served with a sauce that contains milk. That’s so unnecessary!”

– Tjorven Friedrichs

Tjorven’s goal: to prepare vegan food and coffee without cutting corners. All coffee variations are available with a diverse selection of vegan milk. There is something for every taste. From the rather neutral tasting soy milk to the almond milk which tastes a little bit like marzipan. In addition, various teas, hot chocolate and cold drinks are offered.

Junkfood for everyone!

“I want to pick up everyone who loves food. Especially sweet dishes!”

– Tjorven Friedrichs
Crêpe “Biene” and waffle bowl “Libelle” (©Instagram: @tjorvis_cafe)

Vegan food has a large selection of sweet dishes. But not everyone knows about that. “I love Junkfood! Many people associate vegan food with fitness food. I want to convince people of the opposite, because vegan food can be so diverse. Especially when it comes to sweet dishes!”

“Tjorvi´s” has a wide selection of vegan waffle bowls and crêpes, which are served with sauces and other toppings. The toppings can be made up as you like, or you can choose a waffle or crêpe from the menu. The crêpe “Biene” is served with fresh banana slices, oreos and bionella (vegan nutella). The waffle bowl “Libelle” is served with wild berry sauce, coconut sauce and fruits.

For those who prefer hearty dishes, there are vegan wraps and bowls. The “Dackel” resembles a hot dog with its vegan sausages, vegan cheese, fried onions and pickles. The “Grashüpfer” is a bowl with pasta topped with arugula, tomatoes and homemade grilled vegetables. The dishes cost between 4.90 euros and 13 euros.

Holstenbrücke 30, 24103 Kiel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tjorvis_cafe/

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday: 11 a.m.- 7 p.m.
Tuesday: Closed (rest day)