The lockdown makes you feel sad, alone, and bad? As if you would like to do something, but you are too tired and so lazy that you do not even want to get out of bed in the mornings? Ans at the same time, you aren’t doing anything and every day to sit in the home feels so boring, as if your strength has been taken away? You should definitely try to do two weeks mental health challenge to feel better during the lockdown and maybe start loving yourself even more.

1. Wear only comfy clothes all day

Throw fancy and ornate clothes aside. Today, allow yourself to relax and be in comfortable clothes. Maybe put on a big and fluffy sweater which you like? Sports pants that do not look so great on you? Wool socks that have been knitted by your grandma and are not that fancy, but instead, they are very warm? Or maybe even spend the whole day with pajamas – if you feel like it!

2. Do touristy things in your town

You might think that you know the city where you live like your five fingers, but I am hundred percent sure that there are still some places where you haven’t been or some things you haven’t done yet. So, take a day off and go to find, see or do something fresh – new things and new places can surprise you.

3. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

Sleep is very important and not damaging your sleep schedule is a hard job during the lockdown. Try to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than you always do (or than you should). The next day you will wake up a bit earlier, you feel much better and the day will be longer and brighter for you.

4. Adopt a new habit

This one can be quite hard, but I am sure you will manage to do it just fine. Search for a new, useful, and practical habit which you would like to use in your daily life (maybe you already have something in mind) and just start doing it. Even if to form a habit you need to continue doing it for 21 days, but a good start – half work is done.

5. Get distracted by a movie, silly video, or maybe start to watch some interesting tv show

If you will think about the consequences of the lockdown and feel sorry for yourself, that you cannot do anything useful or that you cannot start changing your life, then everything will just go wrong. Even if you are thinking that you aren’t doing anything good – don’t be harsh on yourself and just let yourself chill – get distracted by a movie, video, or TV show. And say to yourself that after that you will start doing something differently!

6. Cross an item off your to-do list

This one can be hard too, but you have to find the courage to do it. If there are no easy or quick and achievable in one day things on your list, then at least start crossing it and start doing one of those things. (If you don’t have a ‘to do’ list, then your job is to do it).

7. Take at least 30 minutes of spa time or Try a 15-minute meditation

This task may be more difficult for some men, but women will love it. Make a homemade spa day or maybe just meditate before going to sleep. Remember – today is your day, so, relax and enjoy.

8. Drink just water today

No Cola, Sprite, or Fanta, no tea, coffee or energy drinks, no juice, and especially no alcohol, give your organism the “cleaning day” and drink only water.

9. Take a social media break or have a phone-free night

Put your phone away, or just turn off the internet and give yourself a nice day without any social media sites or even without your phone. (But don’t cheat – computers, tablets, and other devices where there is possible to log into your social media accounts should be placed sideways as well).

10. Practice a favorite hobby

Dancing, singing, drawing, cooking, or fixing cars? No matter what your hobby is, today give yourself all to it!

11. Set a mini-goal

This one is not hard, but you have to think about it well and decide what kind of mini-goal you will be able to reach today. Maybe to clean your home or make something new for dinner – it is up to you. Reaching goals, even the mini ones, helps people to feel better and more productive, so don’t be scared to set even more than one goal in the day. (This might even become your new habit).

12. FaceTime with Family or a friend

Sometimes we forget about our family. We think that there is nothing to say to them (especially during the lockdown), but maybe we should ask about them? Maybe they will find it very pleasing and will tell you something interesting. And if you still live with your family or you call them every day think about contacting your old friend, or maybe the one who is far away right now.

13. Do something outside

Going for a walk, riding a bicycle, playing the tourist in your own town? Do whatever you want to, just try to be this day outside as much as possible!

14. Cook your favorite meal

 “It is so hard to make and the process is so long”. But it tastes so good and you just love it, but there is always a lack of time for it during the day. So today it is time for you to cook your favorite meal of all times. Have a good time making it.

I hope that you will be able to overcome this challenge and will have some fun doing it. Your mental health deserved to be taken care of.