Gaarden is a beautiful and diverse district in eastern Kiel. Multicultural coexistence is celebrated here. Because it doesn’t have the best reputation it isn’t as popular as the western part of the city. Yet there are equally beautiful corners to explore here. There are diverse restaurants, cultural activities and green spaces. Read on to find out the best places to stick around in Gaarden.


Graffiti Art

Wandering around the streets of Garden you will discover many colorful graffiti sprayed on the facades of houses If you look for it. For example the Sandkrug Bunker or the Hochbunker Kiel.

Galerie ONspace

Not only the many graffiti bring a lot of artistic talent to the district, also some galleries make Gaarden an artistic neighborhood. In Iltisstraße you can visit the ONspace Galerie.  Since the 26th of november till the 5th of january you can visit the K34 joint exhibition 2022.

Werft Park Theater

An insider tip for all culture lovers: The Werft Park Theater. The popular theatre is located right in the middle of the Wertpark and is very lovingly made theater for young and old. The ensemble of the theater in the former cinema performs plays for children and young people in two halls.



Here you can eat and drink in a cozy atmosphere. Beautiful summer evenings can be enjoyed in the beer garden. The Bambule is a pub and restaurant with history. Opened in  october 1982, the restaurant has become a fixture in the gastronomy scene in Kiel, especially on the east bank.

Al Basha 

To start your day right have a breakfast at Al Basha. The breakfast plates offer delicious food and are quite cheap. Meanwhile, you can watch the hustle and bustle on Elisabethstraße. Afterwards get yourself a little treat as desert from the cake selection.


The Subrosa is a alternative cultural pub. Besides vegan cakes and mediterranean vegan cuisine, regular readings also take place there.

Café Jupiter

Café Jupiter is a small cozy artistic coffee house in Gaarden which decor is a charming mix of art and junk. It is a great spot to have coffee and cake and is also an ideal place to study together in a pleasant atmosphere after uni.



There are many beautiful parks in Kiel for example the Schreventeich park. The Werft Park in Gaarden is a less known park but also offers a large green area and is perfect for a little sunbathing session after uni.

Sport- und Begegnungspark

Right next to the wharf park you find a big park, the Sport- und Begegnungspark with a soccer field, basketball court, skate park and sports equipment. Perfect to let off steam afterwards by playing sports with friends.

Germania Hafen

The Germania Hafen is a small harbor for guest sailors and traditional ships. It’s a very nice place to relax, drink coffee and look at small and big boats like the Colorline.

Viehburger Gehölz

The Viehburger Gehölz is a forest with a size of almost 70 qm in the district of Gaarden-Süd and Kronsburg. It’s great for running or a long walk. 

As you can see, Gaarden is definitely worth a visit. A view of the fjord, great views, beautiful green spaces, cute stores and many possibilities for leisure activities – Gaarden has a lot to offer! Make up your own mind and convince yourself of the beautiful sides of the district. Also check out this reel to see many of the suggested places.