Alcohol overdose is a fairly common consequence of the party, especially, if the party is in Kiel’s special festival “Kieler Woche” taking place in all of the city with a lot of good music, food, friends, activities and alcohol. Worst of all, in a whirlwind of fun it is usually not even felt when it is time to stop. A horrible morning reminds us of not taking in self-control at the party: headaches, dizziness, nausea, general weakness of the body, and so on… These are the symptoms of a hangover, in other words, alcohol poisoning of the body. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure that can overcome them suddenly, but mitigation is possible.

Water And Other Great Liquids

  • As known alcohol is highly associated with dehydration, because it causes the body to lose appropriate amount of water depending of alcohol used. Dehydration causes symptoms such as thirst, weakness, dry mouth, dizziness. Although this is not the only cause of these symptoms. But it is indeed an important symptom, so it is necessary to restore fluid balance by drinking water. It is always good to have some of the water always nearby.

“Dehydration causes symptoms such as thirst, weakness, dry mouth, dizziness.”

  • You can improve plain water with a large amount of lemon. This will help to cleanse the body even better and make it more delicious. Lemon can be replaced by soluble vitamin C. Light black tea with lemon or ginger and honey is also a good choice. You can also drink just the ginger tea. If the symptoms are particularly severe, water and folk remedies alone will probably not be enough. Pharmacies are selling electrolyte balance powders – this drink tastes awful, but with it you will recover way faster. Never drink any alcohol in the morning – it can relieve symptoms for a while, but it is self-deception, because then the body needs to deal with extra alcohol.

“Never drink any alcohol in the morning.”

Vitamin C

  • Another process that occurs with alcohol overdose is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Therefore, sweeter foods are very suitable for hangovers. It is also important that the body does not lack vitamin C. It accelerates the breakdown and elimination of acetaldehyde (a toxic substance to which alcohol is oxidized in our bodies). Therefore, in the case of a hangover, it is worth consuming fruits and berries with a high content of vitamin C: currants, kiwis, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, red grapefruits, lemons.


  • It is also advisable to have satiated breakfast. Some people advise for breakfast to eat porridge and/or dairy products, others prefer fat foods. A fairly common “cure” for a hangover is a saturated scrambled eggs with bacon. After all, products like pork and eggs are full of amino acid cysteine, which can lower the levels of acetaldehyde in the body. This toxic substance causes an increase in heart rate, nausea and vomiting.

Cold Shower

  • A cool and quick trick you should try on a hangover is a cold shower. It makes us feel pumped of blood, refreshed and full of new power. It is because coldness requires our bodies to heat and to heat it up body uses fats. Just have in mind not to stay too long in a cold shower to not catch a runny nose or sickness, also cold shower are not supposed to be ice cold.

So as a person living in Kiel you can use the advantage of our beautiful and not ice cold sea. Just go to the beach and jump to the sea for a couple of minutes, when warm up with a blanket and drink some warm tea with a lot of vitamin C. Also to have a less horrible hangover always remember to drink alcohol responsibly and a better option is not drinking it at all, because it is bad for your body and people can still have a lot of fun without it.