There is no cozier and warmer place than your home. However, a lot of students should leave this cozy and comfortable place and move to dormitories. Yeah, maybe at first impression dormitory is not the most comfortable place in the world. But some smart lifehacks can turn your dorm room into a second home.

First of all, think about what exactly you associate with the word comfort

We are all different, we have different needs. For some of us, a sense of comfort is given by flowers, while others prefer plush toys or clean bedding with soft fluffy pillows. So, then you will be choosing decorations for your room, just think about what suits you the best.

Healthy sleep is the key to good results

Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. A night of good sleep can have a positive impact not only on your day but also on your mental performance. Therefore, it is very important to approach this step with all responsibility and, first of all, to focus on quality, and not on beauty or a good price. An uncomfortable pillow can not only cause sleep problems, but also affect your health, so when choosing a pillow, it is better to prioritize quality over price.

Organize your workplace

Since you came to the dormitory for your studies you need to take care of their quality. How can you think of good results when your workplace is a mess? First, clean up your desk, buy or make some organizers, and put your books and notebooks in there. Find a case for pens, pencils, and markers so you can find everything you need to learn more easily and focus on the things that matter most, instead of wasting time searching for everything you need in a mess …

Corner of memories

This tip is especially relevant for those students who study away from home and do not have the opportunity to see their loved ones often. To combat homesickness, find and select photos that will leave you fond of memories. Warm moments with family, fun adventures with friends, moments of travel – choose what’s most important to you and print it. Put those photos on the wall up your bed or table and do not forget to leave some space for new memories.


Lighting is very important to create a mood, and small garlands always give the room more coziness. Find a variety of little light sources: it could be led garland, led bar or small illuminated figurines, night lights, and just put everywhere in our room. And from now on each of your evenings will be lighted with cozy lights.

Go green

Flowers and plants are not only beautiful decorations for your room, but also air purifiers, and some flowers have a very pleasant smell. Also, some people believe that plants create a positive aura in your room and suck out all negative emotions.

Secret Snacks Corner

Delicacies are a good and quick way to cheer you up. Also, a great combination for an evening movie or good reward after a hard day at studies. Set up a corner in your room where you can put snacks. It can be a beautiful box or a certain place on the shelf and put everything that brings you happiness there: sweets, chips, nuts, etc. Don’t be lazy to buy some extra snacks. So the next time then you will get into a bad mood just grab a delicious chocolate bar from your Secret Snacks Corner. Also, you can use it as a good motivation to work. Get yourself a few snacks, and use them as a small reward for each completed task.

And last but not least, buy yourself some warm and fluffy slippers.