Is it Christmas already? For some of you, it might be surprising how fast the year has gone by, for others the long-awaited holiday season is finally starting. Christmas is around the corner and so are the Christmas Markets. In fact, the annual Christmas Market in Kiel is already open. Come along with me to discover the best “Glühwein” (mulled wine) and read about some food suggestions you need to try.

The Christmas Market in the city center of Kiel opened for the 49th time this year. Hans-Werner Tovar, the president of the city, had the honor to open the annual market on Monday the 21st of November at the “Holstenplatz”, the center of the Christmas Market. To celebrate this special occasion the first 150 “Glühwein” were served for free. You can visit the Christmas Market from Sunday to Wednesday from 11 am to 8 pm and from Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm.

Christmas Market in the city center

The ” Holstenplatz ” and the “Asmus-Bremer-Platz” are decorated with Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and many booths that offer different kinds of sweet and savory dishes and mulled wine. But the Christmas Market is not only about food and drinks, you can also buy some last-minute Christmas gifts. You have several options from handcrafted jewelry and wooden decorations to Christmas ornaments, there is something for everyone.

The Christmas Village

You can find the Christmas Village, in German “Weihnachtsdorf”, right in front of the town hall. Different booths which are designed to look like little houses, options to sit and drink mulled wine, and a carousel from the 19th century are part of the village. The special thing about the Christmas Village is the flying ship pulled by four reindeer across the whole little town. The imp “Kiellian” is flying three times a day with his special ship while telling a short story.

Food Suggestions

Below you can find a short list of my favorite things to eat at the Christmas Market this year.

Handbrot Booth (Picture: Amelie Grimm)


“Handbrot” comes in two different styles. Bacon and cheese or mushrooms and cheese – both equally delicious. Those filled pieces of bread are served with some sour cream on the side. But be aware of the amount of cheese you have to eat if you get it!
You can get them at “Rawiels” at the “Holstenplatz”.

Mutzen with Nutella (Picture:Amelie Grimm)

Mutzen with Nutella and powdered sugar

Mutzen are a must-have if you go to the Christmas Market. They are shaped like little squares and have a similar taste to donuts. They are made of flour, sugar, eggs, yeast and butter and fried in oil. If you want some extra sweetness, I can recommend adding Nutella, but powdered sugar is also good!

I bought mine at “Horlbecks” at the “Asmus-Bremer-Platz”.

Roasted almonds with chocolate and licorice (Picture: Amelie Grimm)

Roasted almonds with chocolate and licorice

Roasted almonds with chocolate and licorice – This one sounds a little strange at first but they are so delicious. If you don’t like licorice this is not for you, but if you do, go and get them! Those roasted almonds are the perfect mix of two different flavors.

I got mine at the “Rathausplatz”.

The best “Glühwein”

I chose my three favorite beverages to get at the Christmas Market this year. You can find them in the list below.

White “Glühwein”

Mulled wine doesn’t always have to be red, it is also available in white. Give it a try!

The best one I had was at the “Asmus-Bremer-Platz” below the big wooden pyramid.

Hot Lillet

Lillet was definitely THAT drink in the summer, but have you ever tried it hot? If you are a fan of the taste, this one is for you.

I got mine directly at the “Glühwein” booth at the “Holstenplatz”.

“Glühwein” with Amaretto

Amaretto is a liquor that kind of reminds me of marzipan. If you like the taste of that, you should try it. I always order the mulled wine for kids, so without alcohol, and ask if they can put some Amaretto in there.

The tastiest one I got was at the “Glühwein” booth at the “Holstenplatz”.

You didn’t go there yet? Don’t worry! You still have plenty of time to try out some “Glühwein”. The Christmas Village at the “Rathausplatz” and the different booths at the “Holstenplatz” are open until the 23rd of December. The booths at “Asmus-Bremer-Platz” are open one week longer. Merry Christmas!!