Wondering how to make the best from your student life in Kiel this semester? This article covers some of my recommended interesting places in Kiel to party, socialize and have fun!

Pogue Mahone

The first spot I’m going to talk about is Pogue Mahone Irish pub. The place is famous for its drinks: Guinness, Kilkenny, Murphy’s Stout, Murphy’s Red, Strongbow Cider, Carlsberg, Holsten and Newcastle Brown Ale. On Mondays there are quiz nights, on Tuesdays- karaoke evenings, Wednesdays are jam sessions and Thursdays, Fridays: live shows played by musicians. There are two TV screens in the pub where you can also watch sports events, request something as well. From October 30th to November 4th the pub is celebrating Halloween – there will be sculptures of Hellraiser, Freddy Kruger and other famous scary figures. “Locals appreciate Irish dishes at this bar. Delicious beer is a right choice for the first time you come to Pogue Mahone Irish Pub” – Restaurant Guru. The staff there is also very respectable and makes the general environment great. Personally, I think this bar is very suitable for students as well as anyone who likes to have a good time since there is something happening every weekday.

Location: Bergstraße 15 (near the shopping area at Holtenauer Straße)

Opening hours: 8pm to 3pm the other day – can be a little different from day to day (except weekends)

For more detailed information visit: https://poguemahone.de/.

Pogue Malone Irish Pub in Kiel (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)
Pogue Malone Irish Pub in Kiel (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)

Die Pumpe

The next in the list is the center of culture and communication “Die Pumpe” that has been opened since 1979. It is actually possible to rent space in the Pumpe for parties and other events. They have seminar spaces, bar, space for parties, even a few rooms to sleep in. You can also be a member at the center for a small fee a year. They have a bar in the Pumpe that works every week on Tuesday and Wednesday, and, of course, numerous events. Some of upcoming events are: concert “Speak to me – a tribute to Pink Floyd” on 27th January 2024, party “Gothic area” on 27th October 2023, concert of Mia Morgan on 2nd November 2023 etc. Since this is also a communication center, there are many different group workshops and activities, as well as movie events. Reviews for the place itself are very good too: “Great location. I will definitely come back again. friendly staff, reasonable prices for food and drinks. I highly recommend visiting anyone who has not yet been to.” It is important to mention that there are some political constraints in dress codes and age limit over 18.

Location: Haßstraße 22 (not far from Pogue Mahone)

Opening hours: 6am to 8pm (except Saturday)

Learn more information here: https://www.diepumpe.de/ueber-uns/.

Culture and communication center "Die Pumpe" (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)
Culture and communication center “Die Pumpe” (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)

Max Nachttheater

“MAX” is another place for nightlife in Kiel that has now been opened for 32 years. The place hosts concerts, readings, parties, has an abundant choice of drinks and is proud of its audience as well as the night life. There are some exciting upcoming events there too: party on 14th October “Club night – back to the 90s”, party on 27th October “back to the 10s”, Halloween party (part 1) on 28th October and a lot of others. One of the reviews on Restaurant Guru website: “Milow concert, small but ohooo … Great atmosphere, good drink selection, moderate prices. We would love to come back. Thumbs up, keep up the good work.”

Location: Eichhostraße 1 (13min by bus or 9min by car from “Die Pumpe” center)

Opening hours: 11pm to 6am (only Friday and Saturday)

For more information visit: https://www.max-kiel.de/.

Max nighthouse (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)
Max nighthouse (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)

Wunderino Arena

The last place I am going to talk about is not a bar but I think it is really must-know for everyone who still doesn’t know about it. “Wunderino arena” is an arena that hosts lots of different events: sports, comedy, cultural, concerts etc. So if you are thinking on doing a trip to that area, I highly recommend considering visiting them all! The ratings of the place online are very good too – 4/5. “Great handball in a impressive arena. What a show.” – TripAdvisor about a sports event in Wunderino. There are also some upcoming sports events happening in October and November, as well as concerts and fairs, so if you are interested in this type of activities, I really suggest you to check them out.

Location: Ziegelteich 28 (near the shopping area at Holtenauer Straße as well)

Opening hours: depend on the time of events

You can find more information here: https://www.wunderino-arena.de/newsletter-oktober-2023.

Wunderino Arena (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)
Wunderino Arena (Photo: Gabriele Staskeviciute)

The places in this article are, in my opinion, the best places in Kiel. Many places are also near the Holtenauer shopping area, so I believe this is a good reason to get familiar with that area too.

If you know other great places, don’t forget to share in the comments!