Avocado, Chia seeds, Goji-Berries – everyone has heard of these exotic superfoods before. These are said to be especially full of vitamin and minerals. But did you know there is also a handful of domestic Superfoods in Germany?

These domestic Superfoods can be explored at the cafeterias of Schleswig-Holstein during this week only! The Catering manager explains: “When selecting ingredients, we paid attention to short transport routes in addition to a high content of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances”

Superfood meals this week at FH Kiel:

Monday – Gnocchi Bowl with beetroot-spinach-gnocchi, carrots, mushrooms, wild garlic and rocket

Tuesday – Chicken breast, linseed, cress, potato and radish salad

Wednesday – Millet-walnut-porridge, Blueberry confit

Thursday – Tagliatelle with Mangold pesto

Friday – Lukewarm lentil salad with spring onions, raisins, carrots and fried pollock fillet.

You can find the rest of this weeks menu of the FH cafeteria here.

Beetroot, linseed, mangold – these might not sound as exciting as their exotic counterparts, yet they give you just as much energy!