The divination is a world filled to the brim with spirituality, secret messages, and glimmering crystals. In the past two years, this colorful world has surged in popularity thanks to social media influencers and tarot card enthusiasts alike. Prone to being filled with scammers and pseudo-science, tarot readings have proved themselves to be somewhat substantial nonetheless. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s undeniable that the force of this mystical world pulls you in with its obscure nature. Read along as we try to learn more about the world of mysteries.

And who knows, perhaps this article found you for a reason?

What is the “Divination” and Tarot?

For those who are not well acquainted with the divination, it is described as the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or even discover hidden knowledge […]. In order to foresee the future, readers will often make use of miscellaneous items, like Tarot cards. Tarot cards are a set of cards, just like a card deck, that channel the messages. The deck is made up of 78 cards, each representing their own symbol and imagery. To put it briefly, the aim of tarot readings is to foretell events that will happen, and whether these events will be positive or negative for the person who gets.

The rise in popularity

Before the pandemic, tarot readings and anything related to the divine were viewed to be ramblings of self-proclaimed psychics. And to an extent, this belief still holds ground for the skeptics. The pandemic brought a surge of loneliness with it, withholding most of the population from the warm embrace of their friends and loved ones. To compensate for this loneliness, many sought ways of filling out the empty hole the pandemic had created. Tarot readings were able to help fill this hole and give a sense of hope to those who felt like they had nowhere to go.

“I personally believe that tarot readings have become popular thanks to how accurately it can depict someone’s past, present, and future. People often seek answers and a peace of mind, and that is exactly what readings can do for them; especially when they feel hopeless. Its popularity is no surprise to me; it’s about time”

 ✦ Gizem Tunc – Tarot card reader & enthusiast

Whilst it may feel foreign and illogical to believe in such things, for most it gave them a sense of hope and purpose during the times in their lives where they felt most by their lonesome. It offered a sense of security during a period where there was an increased uncertainty lingering around. People found faith in cards and crystals to help loosen their anxiety around the current world situation.

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Social Media

Tarot readings can be done in person or online by booking and paying for them, just like other services. But thanks to social media platforms, there is no need to pay for the service; it is simply free and accessible for anyone. That is yet another reason why it has become so trendy, as it can reach audiences from all over the world. There is nothing more the average human being loves than free services. Due to social media platforms being such great channels to deliver their messages, tarot readers are actively making use of them.

TikTok and Instagram

Some of the main platforms for tarot card readings are TikTok and Instagram. You will often find that these videos start out with statement such as “if you’re seeing this, it was meant to find you” and likewise statements. Tarot readers will claim that their videos have found you purely by chance, and not because of the algorithm. In such situations, people who are going through a rough patch can have the tendency to deeply believe in this. By doing so, tarot card readers are able to gain an audience and thus popularity. These videos are very entertaining and intriguing, however some influencers will go to great lengths in order to exploit weak-willed people. Scamming is a big issue in this community, as some people are too gullible.

“I always tell my clients to be careful with fake accounts and scammers. If you want personal readings, do research on the person. Unfortunately scamming happens, but that does not mean every tarot card reader is. Social Media is a great way to reach out to a larger crowd, but both the reader and the followers should be careful.”

✶ “Tarot is for alleviating any anxiety or stress a person may have with the uncertain or distant future, not for scaring people away or scam them. “

 ✦ Gizem Tunc – Tarot card reader & enthusiast

Picture of tarot cards displayed on a shelf

Scamming will always be a problem with any media that becomes popular. Being aware of it is where you can distinguish yourself from others.

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So why would anyone believe it?

Tarot reading and astrology have been heavily criticized for being illogical, too vague, and downright false. Despite this, many refute these claims, saying that they have found a purpose through spirituality and the divination. Some also claim that it has taught them to trust their intuition much more. They believe it to be a sign of certain spirits protecting them.

Glass table with several tarot cards laying on top
Tarot and goddess cards (Photo: Ayse Topal)

“Some do tarot readings to share their knowledge with the world and help people, others do it for fun. Whatever the case, its popularity in mainstream media is welcomed. There is a reason for why people are starting to believe in it, more-so than before.

✶ “Let people enjoy what they enjoy; simple as that.” ✶

Gizem Tunc – Tarot card reader & enthusiast

“Tarot is a wonderful and divine craft that should not be taken lightly. I understand those who don’t believe in it, but you cannot deny other people’s interests in it. Shaming someone for believing in it is where I draw the line. If people can believe in religion, then the divination should come as second nature to them.

Gizem Tunc – Tarot card reader & enthusiast

A bird view show of a table filled with cards and crystals
Tarot cards (Photo:Ayse Topal)

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To sum it up

At the end of the day, just like many other beliefs, there is not much of an explanation to be offered here. Whether you choose to believe it or not is completely up to you. Whilst tarot readings and crystals and astrology can be fun to mess around with, it’s also important to remember that people and situations cannot be defined by them.

What is your opinion on tarot cards and the divination? Let us know what you think!