As an Erasmus student, within the first month of arriving in Kiel, I spent a lot of time trying out different restaurants. I was looking to find the perfect place to get my comfort food fix. And I have done just that with this list of my top 5 favourite restaurants.

1. Café Brunswik

Located on Brunswiker Str. , this café has a place in my heart as it was the first place I went and I have had a great experience every time I have gone back (which is quite often).

The vibe of the place is very cosy. The entire interior is decorated with plants and mismatched furniture giving a very bohemian feel. It is also quite a popular spot so there is always a light buzz around. However, its popularity has yet to hinder me from finding a free table.

As for the food they have a wide range of different types of food. Their main food genre is breakfast/ brunch food which fits well with the aesthetic.  Prices range from 4.50 to 14 euros depending on what you are getting.

Vegan and vegetarian options are not only available but delicious!!

The staff made the experience even better as they are very welcoming and helpful.

2. Sidewalk Asian Streetfood

Located on Holtenauer Str. , this place serves the definition of comfort food. From the moment you walk inside you can smell the mouth-watering aromas of the dumpling soup, and their countless noodle dishes.

Both interior and exterior are very inviting, decorated with mainly traditional Asian decorations as well as furniture and wall décor made out of what looks like bamboo. The lighting is quite low inside which fits the street food vibe they are going for. This, however, does not obstruct your vision in any way and certain parts of the restaurant are brighter if you prefer.

Prices are more expensive, their most expensive dish is 21 euros. However, it is definitely worth it as portion sizes are huge. The prospect of sharing and splitting the bill is definitely an option.

The staff is very kind and welcoming and makes the overall experience that much better.

Because of this Sidewalk has most definitely become my favourite dinner place in Kiel.

3. Hans Im Glück

For burger lovers, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. The food is good and relatively cheap, ranging from 5 euros for fries to 14.50 for some salads.

The food mainly consists of burgers and fries however there are some alternatives such as salad options if burgers aren’t your thing. They also offer to serve you the burger without the bun as another alternative.

They offer alcoholic drinks and cocktails and are more popular during the evening, however, I like the quiet and cosy vibe the restaurant gives off during the day. If it is a nice day it is the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy a great meal as it is located at Berliner Platz 1.

4. Konak

Located on Bergstraße 26, Konak is your typical Turkish restaurant, with a great atmosphere, simple but vibrant décor and most importantly amazing food!!

They offer a range of traditional Turkish snacks, dinners and desserts with great portion sizes,  making it impossible not to share dishes with friends.

The staff is very kind and talkative which helps with the homely feeling of the restaurant.

Prices for food are a little bit more on the expensive side (from 11 – 22 euros) but as stated, the portions are a good size so you are definitely paying for what you get.

5. Mango

Top 5 Restaurants in Kiel

Mango is probably your safest bet if you are a picky eater as it has a very wide range of food on its menu. From nachos to burgers and pizza they have it all, making them one of the more traditional restaurants on this list.

The overall vibe of the restaurant is very summery and open which is very welcoming as it is located at Alter Markt 18. Their cocktails are one of their main selling points as they partake in happy hour with great deals that would make any student willing to go back.

Prices for food are also pretty reasonable ranging from 6.90 to 14.90.

I hope this list helps you on your quest for good food in Kiel as I know finding the right restaurant can be very difficult, especially in a new country. Let me know your take in the comments or suggest some new places for myself and others to try out.