“I will start jogging every morning!”, “I will overcome my bad habits!”, “I will start to eat healthier!”, “I will read a book once a week!”.  All those thoughts are familiar for almost everyone, aren’t they? But the problem is that it is so much easier to say those things than start to do them for real. Yes, it might be sometimes not so hard to even follow those promises for a few first days. But then the week goes and your all motivation just fades away.  All those things happen because of weak willpower. So there comes a question: how to gain your willpower and made it strong? 

So lets start  from the very beginning. That is a definition of Willpower?  

Willpower – The strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes, or plans: the ability to control oneself and determine one’s actions, or in simpler words self-control. 

Laziness does not exist 

Many of us blame laziness every time then they do not have enough motivation to do something. But the truth is that laziness just does not come without a reason. There some reasons why we feel lazy when we need to do something. The first reason is interest. If this particular task is not interesting for us or even too boring we will try to avoid it wich all possible ways. We will be distracted so easily and will do not have the motivation to complete or evens start working on this task. The second reason your physical or mental health. It is very to stay focused and dedicate yourself to any task if you feel physical pain or if you are depressed. The third reason why we feel lazy usually is our own motivation to complete this task. For example, if we think that the result is useless it will be very hard for us do to something. But if we will understand the importance of our task even if the process is hard we still are working on this, because we know that the final result is very important for us. So all those things prove that actually there is not such a thing as laziness it is just a compilation of circumstances that we can overcome. So once we know what is willpower laziness is not an excuse anymore.   

Set up your motivation properly. 

For example, it is not enough just to say for yourself “I will quit smoking”, “I will start jogging”, “I will pay more attention to my lectures”. Very important is to think about consequences. Just imagine that will happen if you will continue your bad habits. And that will help you to build up a proper motivation such as “I will stop smoking because in a long run it will totally destroy my health and I do not want to die from a lugs cancer”. Yeah, from the first point of view this may seem too harsh but actually, those harsh things motivate us very much. It is a very good trick to hack your brain because self-defense instinct is a really strong motivator. 

Will power is like a muscle you can train it

Will power is like a muscle you can train it. But also do not forget that you can break it so do not push yourself too much. The good way to motivate yourself to start doing new things is to award yourself after every small success. For example, you set up a goal that you will start jogging. So your not only start to do it every day but also after every kilometer award yourself. Say thanks to yourself, appreciate that you pass this limit and now you can do something that you dreamed about. For example, you wanted to buy this snack so now as you completed the small task you can buy it for yourself as a small reward. Those small prizes for yourself and self-appreciation are very good motivators. So with them, it will be easier to jogging on daily basics.

Your personality is just your habit.

You can grain a habit by doing things regularly. For example, We all brush our teeth daily and it is not hard for us because we use to it. The same thing works with motivation too. Once you started regularly motivating yourself it will become your habit and it will be easy for you to feel self-motivated most of the time.  Self-motivation will not only become your habit but in the end, it also becomes a part of your personality.

Do not set too big goals, start from small steps

The hard goals rather demotivate us than actually helps us. Then the goal is too big or too hard, it is easier to give up quicer. So instead of seting a big goal just starts from small steps and achieve averything that you planed step by step.

Think about your environment

Our environment has a very big impact on us. If all people around you are very lazy and demotivated so how you could be motivated? So, if you want to gain your willpower and be successful find new people who will help you to achieve your goals. You can find someone with the same interests or even with the same goal and it would be so much easier to achieve it together. For example, if you lack self-control while you are studying you can just simply call your groupmate and start working together. Act as you are each other personal teachers and look after each over to motivate yourself to work instead of procrastinating.

So the conclusion is that self-discipline or in the other words, willpower is a habit which you really can train. So start from small steps, do it daily and in the end, you will achieve significant results.