The Asten (general student committees) of Kiel’s universities plan to introduce a culture semester ticket (“Kultursemesterticket”) so that students can attend theater events in Kiel free of charge. They announced the news on this Instagram post. We give you a short overview in english about the known facts. 📝

🧑 Who would it be valid for?

The ticket would be valid for all students of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel (FH), Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (CAU) and the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts And Design (Muthesius Academy). Students from other universities can still buy reduced tickets for 8€ (Sunday to Thursday) or 12€ (Fridays and Saturdays as well as premieres). Performances at the young theater in the wharf park always cost 8€.

💰 What does it cost?

Every student pays 1.90€ per semester as a solidary contribution as part of the semester fee; regardless of whether you actually use it. The Asta of the FH writes that the ticket pays off quickly:

“If you go to the event once within two years, you already save money.”

Asta FH Kiel (via Instagram)

And I mean: 1.90€ equals 1/3 Kebab (source).

🎭 What can I use it for?

The ticket allows you order a free theater ticket three days before an event for seats that have not yet been sold- no matter what category and as often as you like. The ticket is valid for all events in the five sections of the Kiel Theater: opera, drama, ballet, philharmonic concert and young theater. The only exceptions are guest performances and special events such as the summer theater. The Astas plan to expand the offer in the future.

Each season there are around 100 productions which you can attend once or several times. Here you can find an overview of current productions. Unless it’s opening night, there are usually always seats available three days before the event as according to the Asta of the FH Kiel.

Important note: Only one ticket can be ordered per event and per student. However, you can still buy a reduced ticket (price depending on the day as explained above).

Here are the three theater venues in Kiel you can choose from:

The opera house (“Opernhaus”, 820 seats)

(Rathausplatz 4, 24103 Kiel/ Photo: Gina Kretzmer)

The show house (“Schauspielhaus”, 420 seats)

(Holtenauer Straße 103, Kiel-Brunswik/ Photo: Gina Kretzmer)

Young theater in the wharf park (“Junges Theater im Werftpark”, 100 seats)

(Ostring 187 A, 24143 Kiel-Ellerbek/ Photo: Gina Kretzmer)

🌟 Interested?

The FH Asta wants to find out how much interest there is and needs your support. Take part in their survey 📝 Simply click Here.

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