Queue for Mulled wine by Kaufner
Students are waiting in a queue for free Mulled wine (Photo: Kaufner)

Wednesday the 14th of December 2022. It’s freezing cold outside and the sun is shining over the Fachhochschule Kiel.

The queue is very long, it goes right across the Socrates Square. It’s 11 a.m. and the one-day Christmas market, hosted by the Asta of the university, is about to begin. The students are waiting patiently to get one of the hundred promised free mulled wines. “How long will it take approximately?” asks one of the waiting students. The mulled wine cookers are in full swing. It’s about to start.

Vegetarian-Barbeque and Secret Santa

Students at the Mulled Wine Stand
Students at the Mulled Wine Stand (Photo: Reinert)

The Asta’s drinks stand is not the only one on Socrates Square. Various student councils, such as Social Work and Computer Science and Electronics, offer different products. There is a barbecue, also with vegetarian options, roasted almonds or fresh waffles. Another highlight was Secret Santa, where students bought gifts, handed them in beforehand and then received a gift back from another student. The students are already looking forward to next year. The 100 gifted mulled wines and the delicious food were well received.

“It’s nice to end the year on a Christmas note with different students. There was delicious mulled wine and punch.”

-Tabea (student)