Kiel has a lot of good places to drink delicious coffee. But: Not every nice spot to drink a good coffee is automatically also a nice spot to do some work. To ensure you know which coffeehouse is the best place to get your work done, I’ve created a list for you. Here we go:

1. impuls Kaffeemanufaktur Kiel

coffehouse “impulsKaffeemanufaktur Kiel” (Photo: Alicia Göldi)

Directly in the old town of Kiel, you will find the impuls Kaffeemanufaktur Kiel. Puristic, large, bright, industrial, and invitingly cozy. You can not only choose between delicious types of coffee. If you need a refreshment for your work, you can choose from the assortment of cakes or reward yourself with a fresh sandwich.

The coffeehouse is well suited for working. Especially in the morning on a weekday, there is enough space, and you can stay in the coffeehouse for 2-4 hours without having a bad conscience. It’s not particularly loud and the simple design distracts you little from your work. That’s why in my opinion more complex work can also be done. The coffeehouse is well suited for group work for up to three people, but also great for individual work.

website impuls Kaffeemanufaktur Kiel
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2. Loppokaffee Café + Rösterei

coffeehouse “Loppokaffee Café + Rösterei” (Photo: Alicia Göldi)

As soon as you walk in, your nose is filled with a wonderful coffee smell. What else could you want? This automatically makes working more fun. You’ll get that coffeehouse feeling when you go to Lopposkaffe because the roastery is located right inside the coffeehouse and is also worth a visit for the eye. Are you hungry? Then you can feed yourself with homemade cake, cookies, or croissants.

Is working there possible? Yes, you can work well. The number of people with their laptops confirms it in any case. But: You must be aware that it can also get louder because the roastery makes a bit of a noise. I wouldn’t recommend the caffeehouse to do phone calls or do work of concentration. But you’re in the right place at Lopos caffeehouse for creative work and inspiration-seeking. It is also a good place for group meetings for up to five people.

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3. Café Bistro mmiho

coffeehouse “mmhio” (Photo: Alicia Göldi)

Green, bright and spacious. This is how I would describe the Café Bistro mmiho. The coffeehouse offers a lot of space and is designed with old furniture and gymnastics equipment. The coffeehouse is also good for hungry people. The mmiho offers delicious small treats, but there is also brunch or lunch available for the big appetite. Everything is of organic quality.

The atmosphere is very suitable for completing student work. There are a lot of tables, so you can do your work, without fear of taking up too much space for too long. The plants ensure a relaxed and inspiring setting. In the Café bistro mmhio, you can also do some group projects or meetings with up to five people.

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4. Genussküste

coffeehouse “mmhio” (Photo: Alicia Göldi)

At Blücherplatz you will find the Café Genussküste. The café is manageably large and has a modern, purist, and simple feel. The Genussküste serves delicious lunches, great coffees, and tasty cakes from regional cuisine.

A coffeehouse where it’s good to get some rest. I think this makes the café very suitable for individual work. In the morning, many people drink their coffee and read the newspaper. So, you can take out your book from university and do the same. Here you can do your work on the laptop, write it down in your sketchbook or simply search for new ideas.

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5. Kosmos Café

coffeehouse “Kosmos Café”

Kosmos by – here you can do more than just drink coffee. Because at Kosmos you can buy regional products from start-ups, enjoy a cozy coffee alongside your study work, or participate in events and workshops.

The Kosmos is made for working. Here you can easily take out your documents and work on them. There is a lot of light and the atmosphere is very relaxed. And if you need a break, you can walk around and admire some nice products. But sometimes it’s a bit noisy because of the store. I recommend not doing your concentration exercises there. But for inspiration or perhaps to have a good conversation with other guests, the Kosmos is always recommended.

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As you can see, Kiel has a lot of nice coffeehouses like a working spaces. This means: Let’s go work and have fun. If you know of other good working spaces in Kiel, please post a comment and inspire other students.