You regularly take the bus line 11? Then continue reading to find out at which bus stops you should definitely get off to discover some of the best locations in Kiel. We will tell you the hotspots on the bus line 11 on it’s way from Dietrichsdorf to Wik – wether it’s culture, food or free time activities.

1. Stargazing in the media dome / Fachhochschule

Not in the mood for Netflix or the regular cinema? No problem, how about a flight to the stars instead? On the campus of the FH Kiel hidden beneath the lecture halls you will find the media dome. A planetarium, 360-degree cinema and cultural hemisphere all in one. Here you can dive into unknown worlds, experience great concerts and exciting shows. The unusual perspective of the 360-degree dome invites you to discover planets and to travel to distant stars and galaxies, into the past and the future. It’s a great way to learn new interesting things about distant planets, galaxies, star constellations and black holes in a fun way. 

Sokratesplatz 1, 24149 Kiel 

Entrance to the media dome.

2. Doing water sports on the Schwentine river / Wellingdorf

With a length of 68 km the Schwentine river is one of the longest rivers in Schleswig-Holstein. It rises at the foot of the Bungsberg near Schönwalde in eastern Holstein and flows into the Baltic Sea right next to Kiel. But the river is not only good for swimming on a balmy summer evening after your lecture. It’s also a popular water trail for paddlers and canoeists. There is a rental service a few meters away from the bus station Wellingdorf. From the rental service Schwentinetalfahrt you can start a canoe or kayak tour. From the Kiel Fjord you can paddle around 55 kilometers to Lake Eutin. The river flows directly through 17 different lakes. Animal lovers will also get their money’s worth: Along the rivers  and lakes numerous native animal species feel at home. Among the rarest specimens are kingfisher, bittern, otter and white-tailed eagle.

An der Holsatiamühle, 24149 Kiel 

 3. Hanging out in the wharf park / HDW

There are many beautiful parks in Kiel for example the Schreventeich park. The wharf park in Gaarden is less popular but also offers a large inviting green area and is perfect for a sunbathing session after uni. Right next to the park you also find a big sports and encounter park with a soccer field, basketball court, skate park and sports equipment. Perfect to let off steam afterwards.

Werfstraße, 24143 Kiel

4. Swimming and relaxing at the Hörnbad / Gablenzbrücke

You’re looking for a place to relax after a long day? This is it. The Hörnbad is a freshly built swimming pool located directly on the fjord. The bath consists of three spatially separated functional areas: A sports area with a large 50-meter pool and side pool, the leisure area with an adventure slide and the wellness area with four themed saunas on the upper floor,  a relaxation room and an outdoor terrace with a whirlpool. Especially on cold autumn or winter days it’s a nice place to gather around.

Anni-Wadle-Weg 1, 24143 Kiel

Entrance to the Hörnbad.

5. Shopping at the Sophienhof / Hauptbahnhof

If you’re looking for new clothes or just wanna stroll around and have a look at the shops, the Sophienhof is probably the best place in Kiel. The shopping centre is located directly next to the main train station and offers a variety of shops like H&M, Depot, Karstadt and many more.

 Sophienblatt 20, 24103 Kiel

6. Partying at the Pumpe / Lorentzendamm

Originally the Pumpe was a pumping station for the disposal of Kiel’s wastewater into the Förde. Today it’s a popular cultural and communication center in Kiel where you can party, visit concerts, listen to poetry slams or watch a movie at the in-house cinema. 

Haßstraße 22, 24103 Kiel 

Entrance to the Pumpe.

7. Sneak evening at the Studio Kino / Dreiecksplatz

Since 1914 films have been shown here, in Kiel’s oldest cinema. The Studio cinema at the Dreiecksplatz continues to enjoy great popularity. The cozy arthouse cinema with 2 halls and sofa bar offers films in original language and sneak previews. The sneak is  quite popular in Kiel especially among young people because the cinema is not only distinguished by two very sympathetic operators, but also by its excellent selection of movies. Whether it’s an arthouse gem or a new favorite film – no one knows beforehand. But a surprising evening for you and your friends is guaranteed in any case. Before each sneak, there are even some prizes that are raffled among the visitors. After the movie you can let the evening end with a drink at the cozy bar right next to the movie theaters.

Wilhelminenstraße 10, 24103 Kiel

8. Breakfast at Café Resonanz / Dreiecksplatz

Fancy a nice breakfast or brunch? Café Resonanz is known for it’s excellent breakfast, brunch, coffee and cake. The charming shabby-chic style café and the secluded rose garden invite you to relax and have a little break from the daily stress. A big bonus for people who like to party all night long: You can order breakfast at any opening time.

 Mittelstraße 23, 24103 Kiel 

Café Resonanz

9. Strolling through the Holtenauer Straße / Dreiecksplatz

The Holtenauer Straße is a popular shopping boulevard which is a great place to stroll around and have a look at the many cute little shops. The specialty stores and the gastronomic establishments offer many individual specialties that are hard to find anywhere else in Kiel. That’s one of the reasons why Holtenauer Straße is so popular. After a successful shopping tour you can have a coffee break in one of the many cafes like Café Fiedler or Campus Suite. If you wanna learn more about the Holtenauer Straße and it’s history check out this article.

 Holtenauer Straße, 24105 Kiel (Dreiecksplatz)

10. Enjoying a performance at the Schauspielhaus / Schauspielhaus

The Schauspielhaus is a popular theater with two halls showing classical stage works, contemporary plays and guest performances. The Studio, the smaller stage of the Kieler Schauspielhaus, is located on the upper floor of the building. Up to 100 spectators can experience an evening of theater in an intimate atmosphere here. The theater plays are very popular thanks to their successful realization.

 Holtenauer Str. 103, 24105 Kiel (Schauspielhaus)

Entrance to the Schauspielhaus.

Where is your favorite spot to get off on the route of the line 11? Let us know in the comment section below!