14 June 2022

11h02: me and my friend went to the “Stadtgalerie Kiel“, Andreas-Gayk-Strasse 31, 24103 Kiel to see temporary exhibition ending August 28, 2022: “TFLXN07“.

11h29: Arrive at the gallery, and discover the 1000 square meters of contemporary art + café on the right as you enter.

The “Stadtgalerie Kiel” is created in 1988 and focuses primarily on exhibitions of international art from the Baltic Sea region, national and regional contemporary art in thematic contexts. The Stadtgalerie Kiel received the “Certified Museum” quality label in December 2016.

There are temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition with the works of Heinrich Ehmsen.

Heinrich Ehmsen was born in Kiel in 1886, is mainly an expressionist in his painting and graphic works. His work was inspired by what he saw in the war, especially of the Soviet Republic and its suppression in Munich. His paintings are presented in the 1937 exhibition “Degenerate Art” (“Entartete Kunst”). He founded the Academy of Arts in Berlin-Charlottenburg with Karl Hofer in 1945. He will also be involved in the World Peace Congress in 1949, which will lead to his resignation. Then, Ehmsen moved to East Berlin where he ran an art studio in the GDR before his death in 1964.

11h34: Exposition “RFLXN07” in progress.

« RFLXN07 » is a temporary exhibition and a competition between 20 artists linked with Schleswig-Holstein. For the competition it was necessary to have a series of 6 to 15 photographs with an explanatory text (without age limit), 20 artists were retained (including three installations):

  1. Kai Bornhöft with “arabic” serie (2013-2022)
  2. Sonia Brüggeman with “Der Krieg in mir” serie (2022)
  3. Tine Edel with “Sculptura” (2019-2021)
  4. Christoph Edelhoff with “Isolation” serie (2017-2020)
  5. Klaus Frahm with “Fourth Wall/Vierte Wand” serie (2011-2016)
  6. Kurt Hamann with “Linda is tot” serie (2017-2019)
  7. Hayo Heye with “Readymades” serie (2021-2022)
  8. Victor Kataev with “Dapio” serie (2021)
  9. Jörg Klinner with “Unvorhersehbar” (2022)
  10. Luis Lucyga with “Ohne Titel” serie (2022)
  11. Maria Malmberg with “Iceland 0334 etc.” serie (2018)
  12. Anke Müffelmann with “Erinnerungsort für ein Waschweib” (2013)
  13. Andreas Oetker-Kast with “#coronadiary” serie (2020)
  14. Angelika Oetker-Kast with “We See You” serie (2019)
  15. Detlef Radenbach with “Nichts Besonderes” serie (2020)
  16. Peter Rathmann with “One Way 2.0 – Going up the Country” serie (1986-2000/2022)
  17. Stephen Schakulat with “Blister” serie (2016)
  18. Mirja Schellbach with “Ich/Du Wir/Die” serie (2022)
  19. Michael Tank with “Wir, die Ungeliebten” serie (1989)
  20. Micha Twardy with “photogrammic de-composition vitalized I” (2022)

And if you want more information about the exhibition, there will be several conferences. I put you the link for more information

11h41: Discovery of works.

This competition-exhibition “RFLXN” exists since 2001 and was created by Caesar Bauer. It takes place every 3 to 4 years and each time in a different city.

The winner of the contest wins 1000 euros. This prize is intended to reward a contemporary realization of exceptional quality and to present it to the public.

If you want more information about the contest here are the coordinates of the organizer of the photographic reflections Angeline Schube-Focke M.A: info@foto-rflxn.de

At the end of the exposition, you can vote on the series you prefer.

12h16: During our tour of the exhibition, a nice man, Mr. Bernd Weisig, comes up to us and starts talking to us. He starts to talk to us about the exhibition, then about himself, then about the exhibition, then about us … The dialogue is done and that’s how we spent hours talking about everything and nothing. We had the chance to share our views on the different works and we have lost track of time.

Somewhere in time: We could talk about art indefinitely, there is so much to say and to share. Everyone has their own opinion and their own interpretation and that’s what defines art. The fact of sharing it is very constructive and art is meant to be shared.

I was lucky enough that they agreed to follow and interview them during our analysis of the works and here is an excerpt:

I strongly invite you to go to exhibitions, there are always things to discover, all more amazing than the others.