A whole day on campus can be quite exhausting. With packed class schedules many students do not have the time to go home to cook something for the day. Today, FHEWS will introduce you to places where you can enjoy your free time at the University of Applied Sciences (short: FH), depending on the length of your break time.

15-minute break in between classes

15 minutes are not a lot of time and you will have to hurry to get to your next class. However, you do not have to go through these breaks without caffeine or sugar. The FH has several coffee and snack machines on campus for a nice little break time. Hot drinks, softdrinks, chocolate and chips are to be found all over campus. To stay hydrated, the FH also has two water dispensers to fill up your water bottle for free. Check out the map below, where you can find your sweet moment and hydration spot on campus.

Find your coffee and snack machines or water dispensers here

Coffee machines: C02–Basement (Diner), C03–2nd floor, C12–2.12

Snack machines: C02–Basement (Diner), C03–2nd floor, C12–2.12

Water dispensers: C02–0.35, C12–2.12

  • You can see a snack machine with softdrinks on the left side of the picture. There is a coffee machine on the right side.
  • This snack machine has different snack, such as chocolate, peanuts or gum.
  • A water dispenser with two slots for water bottles. There's carbonated and non-carbonated water available.

30-minute break


History meets culture. Rustical, having its own flair and marked by history – the café in Bunker-D on campus invites you to a special location – a war bunker. Without fancy decorations the old, rough walls show their true gray colors. But with exceptionally low prices for students, this is the perfect place to have a bite of your sandwich.

Michael prepares you some fresh coffee if you need one (Photo: Ann-Kathrin Goga)

“The students are always welcome to bring their own food or drinks, no one is obliged to buy a coffee here”

Michael, working at the Bunker-D

This might be why the café is well visited by students, which gives the bunker a new life. In the Bunker-D, everyone can stay as long or short as they want. To have a break, to chat, to study or work.

American Diner

Another student favorite is the American Diner in building C02 for sure. Inspired by diners seen in films, cozy sofas with red and white stripes are aligned to silver tables. Combined with the black and white checkered floor, you might even forget that you are on campus. This diner offers you mainly snacks like sandwiches, croissants or waffles. Top off your 30-minute break with a coffee or softdrink and start your next class refreshed with a lingering desire to visit the U.S.

  • A red american style bistro counter
  • Seating area with tables, chairs and sofas

If you have more time on hand, feel free to stay longer. Students like Zahra like to have a coffee or a snack here while working.

“I prefer to work and study in the American Diner during my free time, because of its lively design. It is more fun to do tasks here than in the library. As I love coffee, the diner is my personal all-rounder on campus”

Zahra, student of International Sales & Purchasing in Engineering (IVE)
Young woman smiling at the camera.
Zahra studies or works during her free time on campus (Photo: Ann-Kathrin Goga)

One hour lunch break

Schwentine Mensa (Cafeteria)

The heart of all campuses – the university’s cafeteria. Need a warm meal to feel fuelled again? This is your lunch table. Need a sweet dessert to fill up those sugar levels? This is your café. Need a chat with friends? This is your meet-up spot. Sit back and enjoy the outside-view onto the Schwentine together. Every now and then a ferry might pass by.

Young woman with an oven potato and a soup in front of her
Hannah often enjoys her lunch at Schwentine Mensa (Photo: Ann-Kathrin Goga)

“My favorite food at the Schwentine Mensa are the oven potato and the vegan curry sausage. You can buy these every day, which is great, especially if the vegetarian meal options are not your taste”

Hannah, student of Applied Communication Sciences.

Hannah also enjoys how different faculties come together. But her secret tip for the Schwentine Mensa are the microwaves, to reheat your home-cooked meal. Another great initiative are the reusable boxes if you want to take your meal with you.

Did you know?
The Schwentine Mensa building used to be a shipyard. The wooden ceiling is a  leftover from that time.

  • A red-brown building, with tables and chairs in front of it
  • The inside of the cafeteria with long tables and many chairs. On the right the food counters can be seen.

Close to campus: Bistro Max Planck and Salawaya Döner

Did you know that in Sweden you get a coleslaw salad served with your pizza? This is exactly what the Max Planck Bistro does – bringing Swedish pizza culture to Kiel. It is perfect to have something fresh on the side, while having a warm, hearty pizza. Secret tip: Students get a discount on their pizza. Celina was able to talk to the owner personally, so make sure to check out her article as well.

Want to know more about Bistro Max Planck? Check out Celina’s article on FHEWS here!

Just a few meters away you can also find Salawaya Döner. While being an allrounder and serving you everything from Pizza to Burgers, the shop specializes in Kebab. Both shops are almost on campus, therefore even your short lunch break should give you enough time to enjoy either of those two shops.

Two hours or more – surviving off campus

Sometimes classes are not back to back and there is more time to bridge. While you might think it is way too much time to do nothing, this is your chance to explore Kiel’s culinary offerings outside of campus. You might even want to hop on a ferry to visit the west side.

Alte Mühle

Alte Mühle is a restaurant, which is still close to campus. However, you might want to take a bit more time to sit down and enjoy your meal slowly. You can find regional cuisine here. This also includes the ingredients used for your meal, which are mostly locally produced. During summer months you can sit outside as well, with a view at the old Schwentine bridge.

  • The sign of Alte Mühle
  • Schwentine river and Schwentine bridge with some sailing boats on the right of the picture.


The blue moby container with beach chairs in front
Moby is open all year around. Feel like staying at a beach even in winter (Photo: Ann-Kathrin Goga)

A perfect place to take a walk, have some food and to watch ships and boats pass by on Kiel’s fjord – the Kiellinie. You might already have heard about Moby. A blue container, close to the stop for the ferries, with tasty Fischbrötchen (fish in a bun) or fries. Take a seat in one of their beach chairs to get the full maritime experience during your break time. Other great restaurants right at the ferry stop are Nordwind and Cotidiano, where you can sit down inside to enjoy your meal. Ideal for colder days during autumn and winter.

Hopefully these tips will help you survive a busy day on campus. Where will you go to during your next break time?