Kiel, the picturesque German coastal city, has become a hub for coffee enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. There is an array of cosy cafes that provide delicious brews and unforgettable conversations. As aromas of freshly roasted beans waft through the air, and the clinking of cups sets a soothing soundtrack, locals and students find solace in Kiel’s vibrant coffee culture. As a coffee enthusiast myself, I have complied a list of charming cafes which are perfect for catching up with old friends or making new acquaintances. This is my list of Kiel’s top five must-visit cafes, where the coffee, chats and good times seamlessly intertwine.

5. Café Resonanz

Café Resonanz, conveniently situated near Kiel’s scenic Schrevenpark, offers a delightful atmosphere, especially for gatherings with friends. Its warm and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting for intimate conversations and catching up. With its cosy seating arrangement and friendly staff, you and your friends can comfortably spend hours immersed in heartfelt chats, all the while savouring the delightful brews and delicious treats that Café Resonanz has to offer. However, what truly sets Café Resonanz apart is its unique toilet experience, tucked away within what resembles a charming wardrobe. This whimsical Narnian touch sets it apart from others.

Price: €€

Location: Mittelstraße 23, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:00- 18:30

4. Café Phollkomplex

Café Phollkomplex stands out as a trendy and vibrant spot, adding an extra flair to Kiel’s café scene. It offers the perfect setting to meet with friends. This hipster spot not only serves exceptional coffees and an array of alcoholic beverages but also provides an extensive amount of board games, books and ambient music. Café Phollkomplex promises an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere, where friends can bond over shared interests, indulge in delicious treats and create good memories.

Price: €

Location: Brunswiker Str. 52, 24105 Kiel, Germany

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 16:00-00:00

3. Statt Café

Statt Café, nestled within the Stadtgalerie, offers the ideal rendezvous point for friends seeking a blend of art and conversation. The artistic café is the perfect meeting place to enjoy the company of your companions while also immersing yourself in captivating exhibitions. The Stadtgalerie is currently showcasing Filip Markiewicz’s Liquid Poem, a dynamic fusion of paintings, drawings, 3D prints, sculptures, digital animations, music and theatre. The exhibition presents a mesmerizing interplay that blurs lines between original and reproduction and reality and illusion. More information on exhibition here.

After immersing yourself in this artistic experience, you can retreat to the Statt Café and savour a delightful ‘kaffee und kuchen’, and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the exhibition. It provides a unique setting for both cultural exploration and meaningful conversations.

Price: €€

Location: Andreas-Gayk-Straße 31, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Opening hours: Mon- Sat 10:00-19:00

2. Café Mmhio

Café Mmhio has a captivating and one-of-a-kind interior design, creating an idyllic haven for gathering with friends. This enchanting café is adorned with beautiful greenery and creatively repurposed old gymnastic equipment, offering a distinct atmosphere and ambience. Beyond its visually stunning aesthetics, Café Mmhio delights the palate with a delectable array of dishes, including an impressive vegan menu. Moreover, it serves as an ideal meeting place for friends embarking on university work, providing ample space with generous-sized tables, conveniently equipped with plugs and reliable WI-FI.

Price: €€

Location: Knooper Weg 75, 24116 Kiel, Germany

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-15:30 Sat 09:00-14:00

1. Café Brunswik

Café Brunswik holds a special place in my heart as the ultimate go-to- spot for meetups in Kiel. Not only is the café a visual delight, but it also boasts an enticing array of delicious dishes and an exciting cocktail menu. The atmosphere and vibe exude an impeccable 10/10 rating, creating an inviting space that is further enhanced by the genuinely kind and attentive staff. The overall layout of the café ensures a delightful experience, with thoughtfully spaced-out tables, two cosy seating rooms, and an outdoor seating option. Whether you’re craving a delightful breakfast or a satisfying lunch or dinner, Café Brunswik delievers Instagram- worthy dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. With its perfect blend of aesthetics, varied menu and warm ambience, Café Brunswik, is in my opinion, the best spot for meeting with friends to enjoy a meal or drinks.

Price: €€

Location: Brunswiker Str. 55, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-00:00