One year after the start of covid-19, Sweden counts 140.000 deaths in this connection. Sweden’s unconventional covid regulations have been discussed all over different types of media. Unlike most states in the world, Sweden chose not to enforce rules upon the people. Its on the swedes to decide whether they want to wear masks in public places and shops and supermarkets are open as per usual. Sweden’s everyday life visibly hasn’t changed much. Some regard it as an heroic maintenance of the people’s freedom, some rather as carelessness. Needless to say that this was used as an example in discussions beyond the Swedish borders.

Although the nations Nordic neighbour’s death rate is far lower, swedes seem to be content with how things are taken care of by their government. When regulations on the allowed maximum size of social gatherings were pulled tighter in the beginning of the year, protests in the country’s capital Stockholm and Gothenburg had to be shut down by the police.

On the contrary, the nation’s head virologist, Anders Tegnell is under ongoing monitoring by the police. The 65-year old has received threats, as many people project the numerous fatalities on him.

As the infection numbers rise steadily and a third wave does seem to approach Sweden, Lena Hallengren, minister of social and family affairs had introduced the idea of first limitations in march. Her aim was to close down public places like zoos or fun parks and ban services that cannot be done with a safe distance.

However, Sweden decided to stay on its path and bespoken regulations were not implemented in the end. Cafés continuously are filled with people enjoying their fika and hairdressers are allowed to cut their costumer’s hair without distance or a mask on.

Preview: Next week, I will find out about a swede’s opinion on pandemic life in SWE.