There are many advantages when living as a student in Kiel. One of the advantages is that you can use regional transportations for free after registering semester ticket.

If you are enrolled in one of the universities listed below, you can travel through Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg without buying additional tickets when you have a semester ticket.

  • Kiel: CAU, UAS(FH), Muthesius
  • Lübeck: University, UAS(TH), Academy of music(MHL)
  • Flensburg: Europa-Universität, UAS(Universität)

As an example, once you are registered as a student in Fachhochschule Kiel (FH-Kiel), you can get a student ID-card. The card will also be your ticket for public transportation in Kiel after validating the card by printing the new semester dates on the card. The printer is located in building 18.

Your student ID-card is not valid outside of Kiel. Also note that you are only allowed to use local trains (RE,RB) and not the long distance trains (EC,IC,ICE). You can ride buses in all cities (including S-Bahn and U-Bahn in Hamburg) except for the buses on the island Sylt.

How to register semester ticket

  1. Prepare a current photo of yourself
  2. Order the ticket online on this website
  3. Select “Kiel FH”
  4. Log in with your FH-Kiel information
  5. Fill out all the required data and upload the photo
  6. Get the ticket
    • Paper ticket: The ticket will be sent to you by post. This can take a few days.
    • Mobile ticket: You can download the ticket on the app ‘’. Enter ticket number that has been sent to you via email.

How to use semester ticket via NAH.SH app

  1. Download and run the NAH.SH application
  2. Click the button on the top left
  3. Click the semester ticket button
  4. Ticket information will show up

** You can also use this app for trip planner and map in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

Use the Semester Ticket to fully enjoy the benefits as a Student!

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