September, almost mistaken for the middle of summer, has passed, and autumn is coming when the chilly wind is felt. Do not let this season pass you by, for it is an ideal time to immerse yourself in the outdoors while looking at the colorful leaves. Embrace this opportunity to the fullest.

Here is a biking route designed to allow you to experience the brisk autumn air before the colder winter winds arrive. Bicycles are one of the most useful and frequently used modes of transportation in Kiel. You can explore its abundance of cycling opportunities via your own bike or rental service.

Overall routes
Overall routes

Distance: About 11km/13km Duration: About 36min/45min (Except/Including Schreven park)


▷ Starting point: FH Kiel

First, let’s go to the ‘Alte Schwentinebrücke’.

If you commute to school using bus number 11, you will find here familiar.

The route will take you across this bridge first. It’s under monument protection and offers a great view of the fountains. In addition, you can not only see a beautiful sunset if you go in time or during the day, but also have boat tours. As there are plenty of seating by the water, it’s good place to chill out and relax as well.

▷ Stopover: Hörnbrücke

The Hörnbrücke, a three-part folding bridge, is located in Kiel’s inner harbor.

Serving as the briefest route for pedestrians and cyclists, it connects the main station to the east bank.

By crossing the bridge, you are going west side of Kiel(As we started from east side).

Here, you can take a break at ‘Kieler Hafen Cafe.’ Whether you prefer pizza, sandwiches, or other options, you’ll find high-quality food and drinks at reasonable prices. In addition, thanks to its ideal location, you can choose to sit outside and savor the complete autumn weather while enjoying a different perspective of Kiellinie and the sea – Picture 4.

▷ End point: Kiellinie

At Killinie, where not only one of the must-go harbor promenade in Kiel, but also some interesting events(e.g. Kieler Woche) take place, you can see its liveliness and fabulous view.

This stretch of coastline, spanning 17 kilometers, offers breathtaking views of the ocean and passing sailboats.

The ferries and cruise ships create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the gantry cranes. You can also see people enjoying the sea, such as swimming or canoeing when the weather is nice.

Having some food at food trucks or restaurants is one of the delicacies you can enjoy here while looking at the wonderful scenery along this straight road, which is perfect for biking as well as pedestrians. In this outdoor space where various events are held, you can find some food trucks offering light finger foods to restaurants serving a variety of proper dishes and sweet desserts. Among them, it is highly recommended to try the ‘Fischbrötchen,’ a specialty of the port city, at MOBY. You will understand why this place is famous not only for its taste but also for the beachside atmosphere and the captivating ocean view in front of you.

※ Potential Stopover/Destination: Schreven park

  • Through Schrevenpark

The expansive surroundings make it the ideal location to enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Here, not to mention in summer, and in autumn, the leaves of dense trees turn colorful, creating a spectacular sight(Although they’re invisible yet in the pictures).

After circling the park lightly on a bicycle, this is perfect place not only to take a short rest with the lake in the center, but also to enjoy a picnic on the grass next to the lake.

You can visit this park before heading to Kiellinie after crossing the Hörnbrücke, or stop here separately for a break after reaching the final destination.

This route introduced today was truly an experience that I wanted to share after exploring it myself. Along the coastline, I experienced delightful sights and flavors, treating my eyes to beautiful views and my taste buds to delicious flavors, all while enjoying a refreshing exercise session. It definitely allowed me to rediscover the charm of this city.

Now, it’s your time to enjoy this autumn vibe in Kiel!

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