Bomb disposal will be held this Sunday, October 22 in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf. Evacuations from almost 4900 households and transport disruptions will occur. Evacuation also affects FH Kiel.

An unexploded WWII-era bomb will be defused on Sunday, October 22. Authorities will implement a mandatory evacuation zone in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf, extending up to about 750 meters from the bomb’s location. Residents must vacate the evacuation zone by 13:00.

Road closures and localized traffic disruptions are probable within the affected area until disposal technicians complete their work. The disposal operation is expected to take several hours. About 8.450 people in almost 4900 households are affected by the necessary evacuation.

FH Kiel is in the evacuation measures affected area – no people are allowed to stay in the Kiel University of Applied Sciences or its premises; residents will need to leave the dormitories. Share this information to fellow students and colleagues.

Advice from the institutions: 

  • Evacuate and avoid the affected area on October 22 until authorities give the all-clear. 
  • Heed the instructions of authorities. Please also pay special attention to radio, TV, social media announcements.  
  • Allow additional travel time near the affected area. 

If you live or work in the affected area:

  • You must leave your homes, places of work or business premises by 1 pm at the latest. 
  • Prepare yourself for a long absence – take necessary medication, drinks, (baby) food, etc. 
  • Please speak to your neighbours to find out whether they are aware of the evacuation.
  • When you leave your home, it may be a good idea to leave your windows tilted open. 
  • The protected zone will be secured by the police and the Citizens Registration and Public Order Office.

More information about the evacuation can be found at

After the explosive ordnance disposal service and the police will finish the operation, Kiel will become safer again. During such an operation the fuse is removed so that the bomb cannot explode in the future. It will be the 3rd bomb disposal this year – in March one was held on the Ostufer and in July in the Volkspark area.

See detailed bomb disposal evacuation area map below:

Evacuation zone map_Kiel
Evacuation zone map_Kiel