For many of us, to demonstrate is a very important way to express our opinion and feelings and to make a difference in our society.
Would you also like to stand up for your believe? Don’t you know how and when to go out on the streets to fight for what’s important to you? This guide gives you some tips on how to demonstrate in Kiel, or what you need to even organize your own demonstration.

What exactly is a demonstration?

“A demonstration means a gathering of several persons in public for the purpose of free expression of opinion.” ( The word “demonstration” finds its origin in Latin: “demonstrare” means as much as “to show”, “to point out” and “to prove”.  Demonstrating is a fundamental right enshrined in Article 8 of the Basic Law. This fundamental right (Article 8(1)) grants all Germans the right to assemble peacefully, without weapons and without registration or permission.  In Germany an open-air demonstration must be registered by the organizer.

Especially in recent years, in times of various crises, demonstrations play an increasingly important role. However, it is often difficult to get the right information to be in the right place at the right time.

Groups which regularly organize demonstrations in Kiel:

Among others, these groups organize demonstrations in the streets of Kiel:

Fridays for Future Kiel The group meets weekly at the „Alte Mu“ in Kiel to plan actions, discuss or paint banners with the goal of fighting for climate justice.

“In Kiel, we are primarily concerned with the core issues of mobility, cruise tourism and the energy transition.“

Everyone is welcome, if you are interested you can write an email to or check out their social media channel.

Antifa-Kiel The Autonome Antifa-Koordination Kiel is an association of antifascist active groups, contexts and individuals from the autonomous radical left in Kiel. Since 2008, they have been trying to jointly counter the increasing activities of neo-Nazis in Kiel and to promote the networking of active anti-fascists. You can find dates here or via Social Media of the Antifascist Youth Kiel.

Seebrücke Kiel
Seebrücke Kiel is a young political initiative that was founded in summer 2018. They campaign for safe escape routes, the immediate decriminalisation of sea rescue, the creation of safe harbours, and against the shift to the right and racism in society. For more check our their Instagram.

Another ways to get informations about demonstrations:

Telegram: The group “Demoalert Kiel” regularly posts different demos that take place, including time and place. 

Posters: Often you can find information about demos on posters in the city, here it is: keep an eye out and note down dates.

You want to organize your own demonstration in Kiel?

If you would like to organize your own demonstration, please note the following: “Anyone who wants to organize a public open-air assembly or a procession must, in principle, notify the competent authority 48 hours prior to announcement.”( Possibly there can be cooperation talks beforehand regarding the procedure and the realization of the meeting. For more information what you need to organize a demonstration in Kiel and where to register it online, click here.

“One demonstration is equivalent to one hundred explanations.” 

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana (Philosopher, Author)
Demonstration, megaphone

It is important to remember to always inform yourself beforehand what the Demonstration is about.  So you make sure you stand up for your own thoughts. Be friendly, be free of violence, be loud. 

If you have further tips regarding demonstrations in Kiel, feel free to write them in the comments below.