“Döner” is probably one of the most popular Turkish dishes in Germany. Everyone knows it- everyone has at least tried it once. It comes in different styles and is customizable to your specific liking.

The “Dönerdreieck“– in English something like “Kebab-Triangle“- is one of the most popular places to get a “Döner“ in Kiel. This is where three different Kebab restaurants, SeyPa, Dilan’s – Grill & Pizzeria and Garips Imbiss, are in a constant battle for the best kebab for decades now.

You can find the “Kebab-Triangle” at the intersection between Metzstraße/Wörthstraße close to the Westring and Wilhelmsplatz.

Screenshot of the Dönerdreieck on openstreet map (Photo: openstreetmap)
Screenshot of the Dönerdreieck on openstreetmap (Photo: openstreetmap)

“Dostlar”, now called “Seypa”, was the first Kebab restaurant at that intersection. It was a part of the triangle for about 14 years. A little after “Dostlar” first opened, another Kebab restaurant opened its doors across the street – “Garip’s Imbiss”. Since 2010, “Garips” is in the hands of Ibrahim Ertürk.

In 2018, Ayfer Papo, the owner of “Dostlar”, decided that the Kebab-Business needs a change and opened the first Kebab restaurant which offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options in Kiel. She developed the concept together with her daughter Seyran. Soon after, they closed “Dostlar” and re-opened it in 2022 under the name “SeyPa”.

Picture of a Kebab restaurant called SeyPa (Photo: Amelie Grimm)
Picture of the Kebab restaurant SeyPa (Photo: Amelie Grimm)

How is it possible that three alike places co-exist?

 “We all have our regular customers.

– “SeyPa”-Team

Those regular customers are people who have been coming to the same Kebab restaurants for years and always order the same things. And even though “SeyPa” is the newest one, people already know the concept from the other “SeyPa” in the Harmstraße or are customers who used to eat at “Dostlar”.

Besides that, all three Kebab restaurants have their specialties, something that sets them apart from the rest.

“We have eleven different sauces. Half of them are vegan. We offer different vegan and vegetarian options. The bread, sauces, Falafel, and a lot more are all homemade”.


“Dilan’s” doesn’t only sell Kebab; they also have Pizza on their menu and a nice area to sit outside. And qualitative good food at an affordable price is what makes “Garip’s Imbiss” special.

  • Picture of the entrance to Dilan’s – Grill & Pizzeria (Photo: Amelie Grimm)
  • Picture of the outside area of Dilan’s – Grill & Pizzeria (Photo: Amelie Grimm)
  • Picture of Garip's Imbiss (Picture: Amelie Grimm)

Without a question – all of them sell delicious Kebabs. But who sells the best one?

Everyone has a different taste and preferences. If you are a vegetarian “SeyPa” is probably your place to go. But it is also worth it to try the vegetarian options from the other two places.

In conclusion the question “Who sells the best Kebab?” cannot be answered in this article. It can only be answered by yourself. So, the only way to find it out is to try them all – Enjoy!

If you are interested in what someone else thinks about these three Kebab restaurants anyways, you should check out the “Döner Dude” on Instagram. He has tried countless Kebabs in Kiel including the Kebab of the three restaurants this article talks about.