Start from simple shapes 

Basic information is very important in each beginning. Learn a good base will help you to better understand the shapes of each object around. Start from simple geometrical forms: circle, oval, triangle, oblong, and square. Draw dozens of those figures to better understand how lights and shadows work with those forms. And with that pieces of knowledge, later on, you will be able to draw anything you want.

Learn how light and shadows works

Those two are essential parts of each picture. You need to understand there your drawing should be darker and there to put a highlight. By knowing the principles of lights and shadows you will be able to make your drawing look more natural and to gain 3D effect in your pictures. Lights and shadows also are very important in photography, so to better understand how it works you can combine those two forms of art. By analyzing lighting in different photos you will learn the importance of it because bag lights can totally destroy any picture.

Learn anatomy

If you ever dreamed to draw realistic portraits or maybe you want to create your own characters anatomy is the key. It is very important to understand how the human’s body is built to properly portray it in your drawing. Learn how skeleton works, analyze every bone it is made of. And after that, your drawing skills will increase significantly.

Practice everyday

It is not a secret that to be successful in something you need to practice regularly. Drawing is not an exception. If you start to draw at least 30 minutes every day you will see a huge improvement even after the first month. Drawing is a long process where you never stop learning and there you can not stop improving. And regularity here is the best teacher.

Draw from nature

Yes, I mentioned before that photos could help with your drawings. But the best way to learn how light works, how each shape is created is by drawing from nature. Drawing from nature will increase your skill as much as an everyday practice. This step helps to deeper your knowledge in all drawing basics and it also has a significant impact on your improvement.

Bring your sketchbook everywhere

Start your sketchbook as a tool of everyday practice and take it with you everywhere there you go. It will help you find out more time for practice. Also, you may found something beautiful or inspiring on your way and draw it in your sketchbook. I personally use a sketchbook then I need to kill the time while I waiting for something. For example, the bus comes in 20 minutes so take your sketchbook and draw anything that you see around. It will not only make the whole waiting process less boring but also will help you to practice.