When it is a lockdown all the cafés and shops are not working and also the weather is not so good – everyone has to stay at home. Did you know that you can visit a museum virtually? Or maybe you’ve already tried online improvisation lessons? In order not to prolong your stay at home, this article provides a list of various activities below.


Go and experiment in the kitchen! Come up with new flavors and options to make monotonous and everyday meals completely exclusive and new. Make discoveries from the products which are already available in the fridge at the moment. Try something that you wouldn’t do normally. However, if you don’t want to experiment because of the fear that the food will be inedible (or because you don’t know how many spices or products to put in the meal). You can find perfect recipes for you on free video blogs and try to make something out of there yourself. https://www.popsugar.co.uk/food/free-online-cooking-classes-47348638?stream_view=1#photo-47348634

Sport/workouts at home

All the sports clubs are closed. It’s so nice to lay in bed all day and do nothing. And it’s so hard to force yourself to do something useful and energy-boosting. But to exercise at home or just to do some stretches and cardio is always good for your physical and mental health. So, try to do at least a few exercises a day. You can try to run 2 km each day or just walk 10 000 steps. But if you don’t like walking without getting anywhere or running is not your strength too? Then just find some free workouts for your daily routine and don’t abandon your body in these hard times of lockdown.https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/fitness/a31792038/coronavirus-live-stream-workout-classes/

Reading a book

There is nothing better than a good and involving book. Just make some tea for yourself, cuddle in a comfortable seat, and dive into the undiscovered latitudes of the book. If you have a possibility to read a paper version of the book – do it and take a bit of time off the screen of your phone. But if you do not have such a chance or the books in your house are not interesting. Or maybe, you have read all of them already then check out an article where you can find free books and free book pages online. https://bookriot.com/best-free-kindle-books-2020/

Watching the TV shows

The best way to spend your free time when you just want to let your brain rest and not think too much or relax – is to watch a TV series. It will let you relax and just pause a little. But the part of choosing which TV show to watch can be quite difficult. So I made my personal list of Top 5 TV shows on Netflix which are best of THE BEST in my opinion. And you can find the list here → http://fhews.de/top-5-tv-shows-on-netflix/

Visiting the museums

Do you miss traveling? Going to the various places and museums, entertaining and also educating yourself, but the Coronavirus stops you from traveling and seeing new things? Don’t be sad, just take your computer and travel virtually. There are tons of free online tours of the best museums. For example the British Museum in London, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and a lot of others. Also, there are possibilities to see the most famous places in the world. Like Acropolis in Greece, the Vatican in Rome, the Grand Canyon in the USA, and even the mountain Everest in Nepal. So, check this site and start visiting places. https://worldwidehoneymoon.com/best-virtual-tours-online-travel-from-home/

Watching performances

 If you already forgot how a concert, dance show or play in the theatre feels, just go to it virtually. There are some famous musicians who time to time do concerts online. Also, the theaters and opera houses are making few new performances each month online, so just keep up with the news and get yourself educated. https://www.theculturediary.com/stories/watch-theatre-music-and-dance-shows-home-during-covid-19-pandemic-ongoing-list

“Bullet For My Valentine” Concert, back in 2019

You can also learn how to improvise your way through Covid – 19

There is never too late to learn or to try something new and also, to get to know how you could go through the hard times easier. Improvisation helps people to overcome even the hardest situations. It educates them how to think when they don’t actually know in what way to react. The link below gives you the opportunity to learn 5 improv principles that are used by professionals on how to improvise on stage and in life. So, take a look and start something different and new even today! https://www.themakingbox.ca/blog/how-we-are-improvising-our-way-through-covid-19