Have you ever thought about in what ways our bodies are impacted by the environment? How does our chosen lifestyle affect our bodily functions? If you are curious to find out, make sure to visit “Body Worlds“, the world’s most famous exhibition about the human body, held at Nordlicht in Kiel until October.

The first “Body Worlds“ exhibition was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, which means that the exhibition cycle has been around for 27 years. Over all this time, the exhibition has attracted over 54 million visitors from cities around the world. The exhibition was conceived by German anatomist Guther von Hagens after he developed a process called plastination in the 1970s.

Using the technique of plastination, the exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to have a close-up view of the human body, including its tissues and cells. Plastination involves replacing bodily fluids and fats with reactive plastics to create preserved anatomical models for educational purposes. The exhibition showcases carefully crafted anatomical studies, complex cross-sections, and artistic compositions that illuminate the workings of human organs and processes.

The advertisement for the “Body Worlds“ exhibition at Nordlicht
The advertisement for the “Body Worlds“ exhibition at Nordlicht (© Roberta Butkė)

You will have an incredible opportunity to view real human body parts donated by individuals who are now honored as educators for a journey towards wellness. The exhibition features healthy organs on display and a comparison with organs affected by diseases or damage caused by unhealthy lifestyles. It is a fascinating way for you to learn more about your body and how you can take care of yourself.

“We only think of our heart, this vitally important organ, when it falls ill or suffers great stress. I hope that the exhibition encourages the visitor to live more heart-conscious and heart-healthy“, – says the exhibition’s curator Dr. Angelina Whalley on the “Body Worlds“ website.

Make sure you do not miss out on this rare opportunity to see the human body from the side! You can visit the exhibition every day from May 17th to October 3rd. The ticket prices for students range from 15 to 17 euros, depending on the chosen day. Tickets can be purchased at the exhibition or on this website.

There is an ongoing discussion about this exhibition: do you see it as a problematic form of entertainment due to the use of real bodies, or do you view it as a valuable educational resource for better understanding the human body? Share your thoughts on this in the comments.