Finding accommodation in Kiel can be challenging. The city is bustling with many students and the process of finding suitable accommodation can be stressful. If you don’t know where to start, keep reading, as we have collected the best tips and tricks for finding accommodation in Kiel in this article.

Things you should consider before applying

One of the first things you should do is to have a few considerations. Making a list of the most important elements will make finding accommodation more manageable for you. An important thing to note here is that you should start searching for a place in good time. And by this, we mean months ahead of the start of your semester. By searching in good time, you will have more freedom to choose which accommodation suits you the most.

In the Winter semester there are about 2000 applicants for all rooms in Kiel.

Katrin Bischoff, Head of dormitory administration at Studentenwerk SH


An essential element to consider is location and placement. Where in the city do you want to be located? Closer to the Fachhochschule or perhaps Sophienhof? The positioning of the accommodation concerning the university is quite important. Take your time to figure out whether being close to Kiel centrum or your university is more relevant for you. Also, check if any groceries lie nearby the places you’re interested in and where the nearest bus stop is.


The next step is to think about your budget and whether the rent fits within it. Many student accommodations offer affordable rooms, especially if you have no qualms about sharing living spaces and facilities. If sharing is not to your liking, you can always search for rooms with private kitchens and bathrooms. These will, of course, be a little pricier but still manageable. Figure out your monthly budget and how much you would like to pay for rent each month. You should ensure having enough money after paying rent for groceries and other fun activities.


Transportation is another significant element to consider. How will you reach the university from your accommodation? Or vice versa? Most students in Kiel have semester tickets, allowing them to travel freely with any public transportation available. Students of the Fachhochschule often use the ferry as it’s one of the faster ways to reach the university grounds. Consider when you would most prefer to use public transport; to reach your university or your accommodation.

Dormitories in Kiel

Now that you have made some considerations, we can get to the most exciting part of this article: the dormitories. There are a handful of dormitories to choose from, both private and public. Many dorms have different types of rooms and come mostly fully furnished. Always make sure to contact the dormitory beforehand so you can find more information.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein (SH)

Picture of a white building with cars out front and a nice skies with clouds
Wohnanlage Diestrichsdorf, a Studentenwerk SH dormitory (Photo: Ayse Topal)

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein (SH) is one of the easiest ways to find accommodation fast. They are an organization that supports students in various ways, such as economically, socially, and culturally. They are also in charge of the application process for most dormitories you see around the city. Studentenwerk SH is a great starting point for any student looking for a simple dorm room.

Our work begins 6 weeks before the start of the Fachhochschule’s semester. We then start renting the free rooms. For the winter semester even more students come to the cities than for the start of the summer semester, so it is a very busy time for us.

Katrin Bischoff, Head of dormitory administration at Studentenwerk SH

If you come during the summer semester, there is a higher chance of getting an offer than if you come during the winter semester. Find more information about their services, or the application form for dormitories, on their website.

Private dormitories

Perhaps the dorms offered by Studentenwerk are not what you have in mind. Then what can you do? Apply to private dormitories, of course! There are a few private dorms scattered around in Kiel, however, you must be quick on the trigger to get the accommodation you desire.

Nido – Kyle Studios

A brown bricked building with a cloudy sky and road in front of windows
Kyle Studios, Kiel (Photo: Ayse Topal)

Kyle Studios is a fine choice for students of Fachhochschule Kiel. It’s located directly in front of the university, and it will take you less than two minutes to arrive on campus. Additionally, a bus stop is located right outside the dormitory, making public transport easily accessible. Kyle Studios offer three different room variations, all single rooms with ensuite bathroom and kitchens. The rooms also come fully furnished. This private dormitory is pricier than other options available, with the three variations also differing in price. If you wish to apply for a room or look for availability, you can check out their website.


Unidorm, Kiel (Photo: Ayse Topal)

Located next to Fachhochschule Kiel as well, Unidorm is another great option for students of the university. This private dorm also offers room variations, all varying in price. Whilst the kitchen is shared amongst flatmates, all rooms have their own private bathrooms. This dormitory comes at a cheaper price than other private dormitories. For more information you can visit their website. Be aware, however, that many students who have tried to contact them through their website haven’t heard back.

I applied for a room at Unidorm months before coming to Kiel, but I never heard back from them. When I came to Kiel I spoke with some fellow students, and they said that they got a room simply by calling or going to the location and speaking with them in-person. That was probably the wise thing to do.

Amanda Isabell Herrman, student

If you wish to apply to this specific dormitory, the best thing to do would be to either visit them in person or call them. Their office hours are currently Mo. – Fr. 15:00-16:00, and their contact number is +45 0172 – 406 1994.

Deutsch Nordische Burse

A brown apartment surrounded by green nature and trees behind the house
Deutsch Nordische Burse, Kiel (Photo: Ayse Topal)

Another option is Deutsch Nordische Burse. This dormitory is located directly on the fjord, facing the Kiellinie. It lies nearby the city center and is surrounded by nature, with a forest behind and the sea out front. The dorm has two bus stops within its vicinity, making public transport a breeze. The Deutsche Nordische Burse does not offer different room variations, and all kitchens and bathroom facilities are shared. The room itself is private, however, and fully furnished. Each room has its own blankets, pillows, and covers, so you don’t have to buy or bring your own. The prices for the rooms are very budget-friendly compared to other private dorms. If you are interested, you can find more information, or apply for a room, on their website.

I didn’t get any offers and the semester starts soon – What do I do?

So, you have applied to almost all dormitories possible but haven’t heard back from them. Fret not, for there are still some options you can try out. Private housing and rooms can come in clutch if you are in dire need of a place. Be very cautious with this as some offers can be scammers trying to make money off you!

If you are asked to send money before coming to Kiel, especially via PayPal, please be suspicious.

Katharina Schüssler, International Student advisor, Fachhochschule Kiel

One of the red flags to look out for is someone asking you to send money and paying in unconventional ways before seeing the apartment. If you are ever in doubt about a place, try reaching out to a fellow student or counselor at your university for help.


WG-gesucht is a great place to start looking if you are running out of options. Most offers on the site are from students either looking for flatmates or offering an available room. Just like the dormitories, many of these rooms come fully furnished. Whilst the website itself is in German, many of the descriptions are written in English, making it comprehensible. One thing to be aware of though is, once again, you can’t be guaranteed a room or a response. So don’t just apply to one place; apply to every single room that you see fit!


Airbnb’s another option if you are looking for a place to stay for a short while. Many students find themselves needing a place to stay for at least a month before they can move into their dorm. In a situation like this, renting an Airbnb for the period you need seems to be the best option.

Other websites

If none of the options worked out for you, try asking for help on social media platforms. Facebook is a great place to ask, as many groups have been made specifically for students moving to Kiel. Join all of them, even the groups for students of other universities, as people will often post helpful tips. You might get lucky and find your room through these groups, as many students rent their rooms out.

Guest rooms

Certain universities and some organizations offer guest rooms. They can however be tricky to find. Try searching on the internet or ask on forums where they can be located.

That’s It

After reading this article, and making sure to take the precautionary measures, it is time for you to apply these tips and tricks for yourself. Good luck!

How did you manage to find your accommodation?