Usually while striving for our ambitions we forgot to take of ourselves. We spent so much of our time trying to be productive and to be a better version of ourselves but in this routine, we forgot what it is impossible to always be motivated and productive. Sometimes to feel happy we need to release our inner child. In that way, we not only take a break from everyday worries but also learn to love and accept ourselves. Here are some rules that, in my opinion, you should not forget.

Always find time for your hobbies

It may seem that your day is filled with a lot of different tasks and you completely do not have time for your hobbies. You like singing since you were a kid, but you to shy to start doing something. You love drawing but you do not have enough time to practice? Nonsense, do not say that you have not even additional 30 minutes to spend on your hobbies? Even a small amount of time that you can dedicate to things that you love can not only make you happier but also in a long run, can bring you success. If not now so then? 

Do not be afraid to do stupid things 

Just remember that you live only once. So should you bother about the opinions of others? Do stupid things if they make you happy. You are in your 20 or even older and you want to swing on a swing so just do it. Your own happiness should matter to you more than the opinion of others. You are in a very good mood that you want to sing, so let’s go spread your positivity and not bother what others will judge you. Live your own life and appreciate your needs and wants.


Communication with others can increase your mood so much. Even if you think that you are introverted and you can not make friends. Just try and you will see how happier you became. Meet new people, hang out with your friends and create heartwarming memories.

Find beauty in small things

If there is a good sunny day go on a short walk while you can enjoy a landscape. You can bring your camera or phone with you and instead of just spending your time on social media or chatting with your friends. Give some time for yourself and find beauty in your environment. Look around and find a beautiful flower or maybe sky today is beautiful, or something else, and take a photo of it. Those small actions can gain the habit to notice beauty in small things while you will go looking for new shots the world will open up for you in completely new angles. Or you can take your sketchbook with you and draw everything that catches your attention.

Do not forget to pamper yourself sometimes 

Life is too short to always avoid things that make you happy. For example, you dreamed to buy a tasty but a little bit expensive dessert for yourself. And you think “Ah, not this time” or “Do I really need this?”. But sometimes it is good to let yourself buy something if it really makes you happy.

Sometimes procrastination is not a bad thing 

We are not robots we can’t stay productive all the time and sometimes we need that small moment of positive procrastination to relieve our tiredness, to clear up our minds. So you can create for yourself a rule what at least some time you will spend procrastinate and do not blame yourself for that. For example from Monday to Friday you are studying at university you are very productive and use your time as effectively as possible but during Saturdays you let yourself do whatever you want. You let yourself sleep till midday, you let yourself walk in pajamas all day, you let yourself watch Netflix or YouTube.