What are you missing the most at the moment? For me as a student, one of the things I’m really looking forward to when Corona comes to an end is throwing and/or attending a houseparty again. Obviously, this won’t be possible for the foreseeable future. But even though you can’t physically party with your friends, that doesn’t mean you fully have to give up on partying together. But how would that be possible, you might ask yourself? Worry not, because I got you. The magic words are: Houseparty App! 

The Houseparty app is basically a video chat app for your iPhone, Android or computer. But the biggest difference to Zoom, Facetime and all the others on the market is that you can play various party games together with your friends directly in that app. You can video-chat with up to eight participants and choose between a variety of nine party games, like Karaoke, UNO, Heads Up, Trivia or Chips and Guac. And let me tell you, as simple as it sounds, it is so much fun and you can really have a great night with your pals and break out of your routine for a couple of hours! 

Admittedly, it’s not the exact same as partying and drinking with your friends in a crowded dorm room at 3am. But during times like this, we have to make the best out of everything while staying safe, and the Houseparty app really is a good option. So, set up a date with your friends, download the app, get yourself a drink or two and start your virtual party.