You are looking for something to do in your freetime or you want to get to know something about the history of Schleswig Holstein? If you are a student abroad, just moved to Schleswig-Holstein or if you want to learn something about the background of your home state you should visit the Freilichtmusuem Molfsee.

An Insight into the new Jahr100Haus

The exhibition started on the 30th of march this year and is called “Ein Jahr100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Land. Leute. Leben.” (In english: 100Years in Schleswig-Holstein. Country. People. Life.) On 920 square meters you can find 350 objects from the 20th century. By looking at objects like an old school cone or the torch for the Olympic flame in 1972, you can travel through the time.

The exhibitors work with videos, texts and audio in german as well as english and touchable objects. And the best: the exhibition is not just interesting to look at, but it’s also interactive. One part of the exhibition deals with the topic “neighborhood”: There you can write a postcard with lovely greetings for other visitors, and you can also share your experience of your participation in an association like the volunteer fire department, a sports club or for example an animal and nature conservation association. To be part of those associations is a typicial thing for the countryside and has a long tradition.

At the end of the exhibition you can share a picture of what you like most about living in Schleswig-Holstein.

Of course we can also recommend the outside part of the Museum. There you can experience the countryside sensually. You will smell the dunghill, see cute chicken picking corn and catching flies and hear the pigs grunting. The old stables and farmhouses are also worth a look.

Due to the Corona situation, it is necessary to get an online ticket before visiting if you want to see the Jahr100Haus. The outdoor area can be visited without booking a ticket in advance. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

On Instagram you can find a “follow us around” of our visit in the Freilicht Museum Molfsee. Feel free to share your experience at the museum with us. Have you spotted our postcard?

Author: Annika Lubanski and Lena Groth-Jansen