Christmastime unfortunately also means „dry-lips-time“. The cold air outside isn’t exactly the best thing for our lips and they’re likely to get chapped and dry. To prevent that, they need an extra portion of moisture during this time to fight the low temperatures and heating air inside. But some of the lip balms you get at the drugstore contain paraffins which can lead to some kind of addiction, because they dry out your lips eventually and you need to use the balm over and over again. And who wants that? 

With this DIY recipe, you don’t put unwanted ingredients on your lips, only the best natural ones for that extra moisture boost, such as bees wax, shea butter and cocoa butter. Also, it produces zero waste because you can simply use your old, empty lipstick cases and fill them up again. You’ll find all the ingredients online so you can start right away, even though the stores are closed right now. And here’s how you make them: 


20g jojoba oil
15g bees wax
5g cocoa butter
6g shea butter
3g lanolin
empty lipstick cases (old or new ones)

Clean the empty lipstick cases with water and soap, dry them and put them in the freezer for at least half an hour.

Put all ingredients into a pot, stir them and melt them together until it’s even. Take the lipstick cases out of the freezer and immediately fill them up with the hot mixture. Be careful and fast here because the mixture dries and hardens incredibly quickly. Now put them back in the freezer for half an hour. Now you’re done! Store them in a cool and dry place. 

You’ll find a step by step video to the recipe on the fhews instagram channel.