During wintertime, the freezing air outside and the dry heating air inside really strains the delicate skin on our hands. Therefore, they just need a little bit more pampering during the cold months than usual. This DIY recipe for soothing hand butter infused with ultra-rich ingredients such as shea butter, bees wax and cocoa cutter, is just as easy as buying one in the drugstore. The essential oils and dried patels not only give the butter a seductive smell, they also turn it into a beautiful homemade Christmas gift. 

Another plus of this recipe is that it produces zero waste, which makes it not only good for our skin but also good for the planet. Also, you can order all the ingredients online so you can start right now even though the stores are closed at the moment. So, what do we want more? And here is how it’s made: 


3 tbsps. bees wax
3 tbsps. shea butter
4 tbsps. cocoa butter
2 tbsps. jojoba oil
15 drops of essential oil (e.g. lavender/rose)
dried lavender/rose patels 

Put all ingredients except the essential oil together in a pot. Melt them and stir until the mixture is even. Now put in the essential oil and stir a bit. 

Now take the muffin/praline forms and sprinkle a bit of the dried petals into the molds. Afterwards, fill them up with the melted, still warm mixture and let it cool for around two hours. Now you’re already done. Put them in a box and store them in a cool and dry place. 

How to use: 

You can place some of the little hand butter pieces right next to your sink to use it after washing your hands. If your skin is a bit more strained, you can massage a bigger portion of the butter into your hands before going to bed, put on some silk gloves and wear it as an overnight mask for that extra kick of moisture. 

You’ll find the step by step video to this DIY recipe on our fhews instagram channel.