You’ve probably heard of a lot of different easy bowl recipes in the past couple of weeks. So called “Bowls” have been getting more and more popular such as e.g., a Burrito Bowl or the classic Buddha Bowl. For me personally, a bowl is just packed with a lot of veggies and super tasty stuff. So let me show you a super quick and easy recipe for every day, when you just don’t feel like cooking but really need something tasty to fill you up. 

This Bowl is for everyone, whether you’d like it to be vegan or if you’d like to add some meat. Today I’ll specifically show you the vegan recipe as it is the best, in my opinion. It only requires 30 minutes at max and super healthy, loaded with vegetables. 


For one Portion you need:

  • Any type of rice (I like to use the Uncle Ben’s Mediterranean or Mexican rice as it adds a little bit more flavor)
  • Smoked tofu
  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Beetroot
  • The Hummus of your choice (you can either make it yourself or buy your favorite at the store)
Smoked Tofu and Tomatos
Fry the tofu


1. Cut half of the smoked Tofu into small squares and fry them in the pan. 

2. While the tofu is frying you can start cutting your different veggies. I like to start by taking out the bowl that I’ll serve my dinner in and about a quarter of cucumber into little square pieces as well. Afterwards cut the rest of your veggies into whatever shape or size you want to.

3. Cook the rice however the instructions on the package say.

4. Drain the corn and the beans and start adding all your veggies into the bowl.

5. Add the rice to the bowl and the fried tofu as well. 

6. And that’s it, super easy, super quick and super delicious. I personally love to add hummus on top and mush it all around in the bowl. Then lastly, add your beet root. 

The finished Product

If you got any leftovers of rice and veggies, no worries, you can just easily make the bowl again a day after. Also, feel free to add any veggies you like such as carrots, sweet potatoes or avocado. Just use anything you like to add to this simple dinner bowl.