People drive home for Christmas. In their luggage they have numerous gifts for the whole family, each one wrapped in matching wrapping paper. The decorations from the previous year are no longer in vogue, it will be removed, and instead there will be plenty of new ones. On all days too much is eaten and nevertheless nearly a third remains over. And during our boundless consumption, we still secretly dream of a white Christmas. 

Around 10 million Christmas geese are sold every year 

The season of love can be so beautiful, but it also has its downsides. At no other time of the year is so much money spent as at Christmas. Increasingly, people take out loans, led by the pressure to consume. The fear of not being able to buy satisfactory gifts to be able to buy is so high that for them the money does not count any longer. The wrapping paper ends up in the trash after a few seconds. Also with the dinner no borders are set. Around 10 million Christmas geese are sold every year, but it doesn’t stop there. Different dishes for all three days, plus side dishes and desserts. However, large quantities of it end up in the trash again. In addition, the enormous amount of energy is consumed for the feast. It is about one third higher than on other days. 

Tips to reduce the consumption

But what can we change ? How can we, in these times of climate change, make Christmas a beautiful celebration? These tips will help you to reduce the consumption and to celebrate your Christmas in a sustainable and loving way:

Sustainable wrapping paper
Sustainable wrapping paper (Photo: Kaufner)
  • Reduce gift consumption: Discuss with your loved ones beforehand what is needed and agree on an amount. This ensures that no one gives “too much” or “too little”
  • Be thoughtful: Look less at the material value, special little things usually bring even greater joy. For this, it is good to be attentive throughout the year and make notes. That way you won’t forget any special gift ideas
  • Avoid packaging waste: Wrap gifts in old paper, old newspapers or cardboard boxes are also very suitable 
  • More sustainable Christmas dinner:  Decide on a Christmas menu together, buy the ingredients locally and consciously. What is left over can be frozen and defrosted when you are hungry again after Christmas
  • Replace Meatproducts: There are very tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes with which you can surprise your family in a positive way
  • The Christmas tree choice: Christmas trees often come from monocultures abroad and have been treated with pesticides. Better alternatives: Christmas trees from the region, organic Christmas trees, rental Christmas trees, homemade trees made of wood or light trees in pots. Click here for a instruction
  • Make sure that your lighting and decorations are also sustainable
  • Going home for Christmas: But eco-friendly. Book trains early, for a good price. Otherwise, look for long-distance buses or carpools, like flixbus, blablacar, facebook-groups and many more

Gift Ideas for a more sustainable Christmas:

Selfmade Macramee
Selfmade Macramee (Photo: Kaufner)
  • Sustainable gitfs:
  • Time Vouchers:
    • Going on an outing together
    • Massage
    • Doing the housework
    • Cooking favourite meals
  • homemade gifts:
    • a delicoius jam
    • homemade deodorant
    • homemade oilcloth
    • selfmade socks
    • candles
Selfmade Marmalade
Selfmade Marmalade (Photo: Kaufner)

Jam “Winter apple”:
Ingredients for four jars of 250 ml:
-750 g apples
– 250 ml apple juice
– 500 g jelling sugar
– 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla
– juice of 1 lemon
– 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 star anise
– 1 fingernail-sized piece of ginger
– 2-3 drops bitter almond oil
– 75 g chopped almonds

These are some of the many tips for celebrating Christmas more conscientiously from this year onwards. And don’t forget: Instead of being stressed out with all the preparations, we should concentrate on what is important and remember the beautiful things: The contemplation, the joy and of course being together with the family. 
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Merry Christmas!