On May 25th, two cafeterias(Mensa) in Kiel opened again after long closure because of Corona virus. Mensa 1 on the Westring opens from 11:15am to 2:15pm, and Schwentine Mensa opens from 11:30am to 2pm on weekdays. Guests can choose from two choices. One of the two dishes is always for vegetarian. On the menu, not only the classic currywurst and french fries, but also healthy foods such as lentil pasta are also available. Menu offer may change depending on the situation.

The following people can eat inside the Mensa.

  • Those who can present a recent negative Corona test no more than 24hours
  • Those who can prove that the last required corona vaccination was at least 14 days ago
  • Those who can prove that he or she has recovered from Corona

Apart from the usual hygiene rules, there are no special requirements for people who want to take their food with them. All visitors have to register via the ‘Luca’ mobile application.

With its unique location directly on the Schwentine and the preserved ceiling elements of the former shipbuilding hall, the Schwentine Mensa has a very individual character.  It is located in Grenzstraße 14, just next to the Fachhochschule Kiel. There is a bright lounge area with walls of impressive large marine-style paintings designed in collaboration with the Muthesius Academy of Art. In summer, the cafeteria’s terrace offers views of the water and ferry.

Today’s menu were green coconut vegetable curry with basmati rice for vegetarian, and Schweineschnitzel with baked potatoes and paprika sauce. Unlike in the past, the Mensa was not lively. People lined up in an orderly manner and packed their own food. I hope this pandemic situation will soon end and students will be able to use Mensa freely as before.

You can find information about Schwentine Mensa at the link below.


You can find the menu of the Mensa at the link below.