Final look of Potatoes with Lemon Chicken (Photo: Farjana Islam)

Bored at home or busy with studies? Don’t have enough time to prepare a good meal?

You can try this dish which will save your time and also make your stomach full after you eat it. You can make it without any hassle and with few ingredients.

Unexpected guests or your friends suddenly came to your place and you want to feed them something delicious with less effort. If you don’t want to stay in the kitchen for a long time then this item can be an ideal dish for you. Even you can make this “Potatoes with Lemon Chicken” dish for a small house party!


  1. Garlic
  2. Cardamom 2 pieces (or you can use Cardamom powder)
  3. Salt (1tbs)
  4. Celery
  5. Potatoes
  6. Olive oil
  7. Chicken pieces
  8. Lemon juice (1.5tbs)
  9. Freshly cracked pepper


  1. First, you need to marinate the chicken with the desired amount of salt and pepper.
  2. Then you have to cut the potatoes into big or small chunks.
  3. On a baking tray put some olive oil and put the potatoes and then just mix the potatoes with salt and pepper.
  4. Next, add some lemon juice and garlic to it.
  5. After that, put the marinated chicken into that baking tray and mix a bit with potatoes.
  6. When all the mixing and preparation are done then send the backing tray inside the oven at 220°C temperature for 45 minutes.
  7. After some time, you will feel a very nice smell of the dish and 45 minutes later you will get a nice, tasty, healthy, and delicious lemony chicken with potatoes.
Picture of Half-Cooked Potatoes With Lemon Chicken (Photo: Farjana Islam)

When the Potatoes with Lemon Chicken is ready to eat; if you want you can add some salad and also can eat it with some bread as you preferred. I like to eat it with extra “Salad” and “Lavash Bread”. It tastes really well and you can make it for lunch or dinner. So, with less effort, you can enjoy very delicious food.