My name is Nia, I am 23 years old and I lived in Kiel for the most part of my life. I am studying public relations and business communication at Fachhochschule Kiel since last summer. Before I started studying I did a Training to become a preschool teacher and I worked for a year as an Au pair in Denver, Colorado (USA). My favorite thing to do is going to the beach and enjoy the sun, play Volleyball or go swimming with my friends and family. I am outgoing and always find a reason to smile about.

What’s your favourite place in Kiel…?

… to have a delicious brunch?
For a delicious brunch I love to go to “Café Brunswik” order coffee and avocado bread and watch how they prepare my food.

… to have a lovely dinner?
Sidewalk is the place to go for dinner when you like the Asian cuisine. Try the Peanut Peace dish.

… for entertainment?
When you are in the mood to go out, dance and have fun, I suggest to visit the Villa Club in Kiel. They have a nice Bar with delicious drinks and when you feel like dancing you can go upstairs and enjoy some of the best DJ’s in town.

… during sunshine?
The perfect spot during sunshine is the Sandhafen Beachbar in Kiel. The bar is on the water and they offer delicious drinks and snacks while you can relax in the sun.

Nia Theilen
Nia Theilen (Photo: private)

…during rain?
I like going to the movie theatre Metro Kiel with my friends when it’s raining and watch a movie and eat the best popcorn in town.

…for a good coffee?
For good coffee I love to go to the impuls KAFFEEMANUFAKTUR KIEL.

… for a park stroll/ to switch off of everydays life?
Strolling though Schrevenpark Kiel is a good way to switch off everydays life.

… to do sports?
If you like running I suggest to run at the Kiellinie where you can run next to the water the entire run. When you want to join a sports team, try Volleyball and join one of the clubs we have in Kiel. If you are more of a gym person I would recommend the John Reed fitness center.

… to buy some nice stuff?
The Holtenauer Straße is the best place to find little cute and different stores. My favorite store to buy some nice clothes is Küstenmädchen.

… to meet people?
Going to an outdoor event like a Festival at the Bootshafen or Kieler week is a good way to have fun and meet people.

And last but not least, what is your favourite place outside of Kiel?
My favorite place outside of Kiel is California, especially Los Angeles. I love walking by the beach in Malibu or go hiking at the Runyon Canyon. If I could live anywhere in the world it would probably be California.

Nia Theilen (Photo: private)

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