Hi! My name is Maximilian and I am founder and managing director of my Boo GmbH. We manufacture fair and sustainable bicycles with a bamboo frame. Our frames are produced together with the “Yonso Project”, a social project in Ghana. We work together with our partner at eye-level and create professional perspectives for people in Central Ghana. We are also involved in various educational projects, such as the construction and operation of our school. We also operate three classic bicycle shops in Schleswig-Holstein under the name “Küstenrad“.

What’s your favourite place in Kiel…?

…to have a nice/adventurous bicycle tour?

A bike tour to Schilksee over the MFG5 area (best view of the fjord ever!) is always worth it. At the end you will be rewarded with a delicious “Fischbrötchen”. The way back is over the Levensauer Hochbrücke!

… to have a lovely dinner?

Definitely the Medea (Georgian “Tappas”) in the Holtenauer Straße!

… for entertainment?

The Kieler weekly market on the Exer on Saturday! Perfect for new impressions!

… during sunshine?

To be honest my terrace with a view into the forest and the Kiel Canal.

…during rain?

Does it ever rain in Kiel…?

… to meet with other entrepreneurs/ generate new ideas?

It all started in the Starterkitchen of opencampus – we are still happy to exchange ideas on a regular basis – but then also in our HQ in Neufeldtstraße in the Science Park.

… for a park stroll/ to switch off of everydays life?

From Altenholz towards Holtenau and again at the end you will be rewarded with a freshly baked “Fischbrötchen” and delicious “Packeis” in the Schiffercafe.

… to do sports?

No matter where, preferably at the NOK – the main thing is fresh air! Running and cycling to clear your head!

… to buy some nice stuff?

The Kosmos Store of opencampus with exciting local articles by lille, Rankwerk, Resteritter or Umtüten. There’s even a bamboo bicycle!

… to meet new people?

The various Co-Workingspaces in Kiel, like the already mentioned Starterkitchen, but also the Fleet7, the ZfE incubator of CAU, Cowork Nord or the Alte Mu.

And last but not least, what is your favourite place outside of Kiel?

Kiel has so many beautiful corners, it’s hard – especially because it’s so easy to commute between forest, lake, beach and sea.

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