Life on a budget and participate in the well-being of the planet. “Der Kiloladen“, one of thrift store where you can start.

We live in a world where everything moves so fast, that we don’t take the time for ourselves. We want everything at every time and everywhere. We want the best at a low price, we don’t think about the poor condition of the person creating all these clothes. We are materialistic but at the same time we always want something new, always be in fashion, the latest trend, …

It’s difficult to change our minds but we can begin with a small effort and go to “Der Kiloladen“. Here, you can also find famous brands (like Björkvin, Calvin Klein, Superdry, Carhartt, Levis, Jack & Jones, Hugo Boss, Vero Moda, H&M, Only, Ralph Lauren, Atmosphere, Lacoste, Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and many more) but it’s a second hand so you participate in the second life of a garment and therefore in recycling.

In Kiloladen the concept is a little bit different from the other thrift stores because instead of paying garment by garment, the price is based on the weight of the clothes. And the price of the weight changes according to the weeks because every month garments arrive from Denmark or England, so, you can enjoy finding new clothes during three weeks. In the fourth week, the shop changed the clothes with a new arrival, and the rest of the clothes continue this way to Poland and Africa in other thrift stores or on the open market.

Here, you can find the price per kilo:

  • First week: 34,99 Euros per Kilo
  • Second week: 24,99 Euros per Kilo
  • Third week: 14,99 Euros per Kilo

And the price drops every day.

The price changes quickly because you have a better chance to find beautiful pieces when the clothes have just arrived than at the end. But you can always find something you like if you are patient. The store is sorted into different categories and not by size. For example, you have three big categories: kids, women, and men, and after, in these categories, you have t-shirts, jackets, shoes, pants, shorts, accessories, … It’s better if you try the clothes directly in the shop because you can’t get your money back after you buy it, and since it is not sorted according to size, it is necessary to look carefully at the clothes. You must also pay attention to the condition of the garments because it is second-hand, even if they have been sorted beforehand.

After you can go to the cashier. For my part, I paid 30,99 Euros, during the first week, for 3 articles: 2 shirts and one coverall (0.810 kilograms in total).

In Kiel, you have three Kiloladen, and it’s very smart because each shop is on a different week so you can find all the prices and you have more possibilities.

Why you are contributing to a sustainable world when you buy from kiloladen?

Like I said before, it’s a second-hand so someone wears it before you so it’s not new clothes so don’t need to produce another one. The production of a product pollutes a lot and the fashion world is one of the most polluting industries in the world (10% of global greenhouse gas emissions).

« Furthermore, the textiles and fashion industry has caused a 7% decrease in local groundwater and drinking water globally, and especially in water stressed manufacturing countries such as India and China. » 

Nikita Shukla from

Moreover, in Kiloladen the packaging is made of treated sheets to avoid most plastic packaging. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of waste, but it is sorted (polyester, cotton, and waste).

« On average, up to 5% waste is generated, but about 95% of unsold clothing is reused and recycled. »

Nikita Shukla from

If you want more information about fast-fashion pollution: Fast Fashion Pollution and Climate Change.

In addition, their products from Denmark come from a charity organization that works in areas of social interest and humanitarian aid.

« In every transaction with our partner, we support orphanages, old people’s homes, and schools where they depend on development aid. They make an important contribution to the functioning of society as a whole. As a customer, you also contribute to a more social and environmentally friendly future. »


Unfortunately, there are still many problems in the world but it is by doing small things that we can change them. Each gesture counts.

Now it’s your turn to change the world.