If you came to Germany as an Erasmus exchange student, and you are living in Kiel, most likely you will want to travel. When all cities of Germany will be visited, you may want to go abroad in your free time. And to do that is not that hard. You can go to the bigger cities of Germany, like Berlin or Hamburg, and take a plane. Or if you have a car, you can go with the car by land and visit countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands or Denmark. But in this article, I will tell you which three Foreign countries you can visit straight from Kiel by taking a ferry.

Oslo (Norway)

The trips from Kiel to Oslo are not valid at the moment due to Coronavirus, but you will be able to go there from 2021 February 20th.

Not during the Corona situation ferry to Oslo go every day. Departs at 14:00 and arrives in Oslo at 10:00. The trip itself takes 20 hours and costs about 400€ on weekends (343€ in the summer season, 255€ in the winter season), but on weekdays it can be even 100€ euros cheaper.

Why you should visit Oslo?

            Oslo is a Northern European city and the capital of Norway. It is not a big city, but it has plenty to show. There are a lot of museums which have much to offer and can educate you. It is rich with outdoor activities and bars. It is friendly towards all types of travelers: couples, solo ones, or families. Oslo itself has not only an incredible nature and landscapes, which are surrounded by mountains and Fjords, but it is also the owner of stunning architecture and modern design buildings. You can go there not just to relax, but also to explore. I don’t know how about you, but this indeed sounds interesting to me!

Photo by Kamil Tatol on Unsplash

Klaipeda (Lithuania)

The trips from Kiel to Klaipėda are happening even in Corona, but you will be able to go there from 2021 February 20th.

Ferries to Klaipeda goes daily. Departs at 21:00 and arrives at 18:00 the next day. The trip itself takes 21-hour and costs about 70€ in these hard times, but in summer the price can even reach 274€.

Why you should visit Klaipėda?

I live in Lithuania and I definitely recommend you visit Klaipėda if there is such a possibility. Klaipėda is the third biggest city in Lithuania and a road, rail, and sea transport hub. It is a port town which is famous for its landscapes such as Curonian Split. And, of course, for Nida, which is a resort town located on the Curonian Spit. Klaipėda also has an amazing downtown where you can see the 18th-century architecture, it is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The only opportunity to go from Germany to Lithuania straight away is the ferry from Kiel, so if you are here, definitely thinking about using this chance to see a little of Eastern Europe.

Photo by Arvydas Venckus on Unsplash

Gothenburg (Sweden)

The trips from Kiel to Gothenburg are also valid at the moment and Coronavirus didn’t have too much effect on it.

Ferry to Gothenburg goes every day too. Departs at 18:45 and arrives at 09:15. The trip itself takes 14 hours and 30 minutes and costs about 100 – 340€ (the prices of a trip to Gothenburg don’t change so much, it depends only on your chosen cabin, the better cabin – the more expensive is the ticket, obviously).

Why you should visit Gothenburg?

Gothenburg is a city in Sweden. It is an important port and trade center on the west coast. It was the only city which along with Marstrand have been able to trade merchants from foreign countries. Gothenburg is also well-known for the seafood. You can buy a lot of fish there straight away from the fish boats. There even is the Fish Church. City also has a big amusement park, which is powered by wind, it is called “Liseberg”. Gothenburg is very green, has a lot of parks, plenty of playgrounds and gardens. Also, Sweden is the third biggest music exporter in the world. Gothenburg itself produces not a small amount of music. So, this city also can offer you a good deal of various musical events.

Photo by Vered Caspi on Unsplash

So, now you know how to travel abroad from Kiel by ferry. I hope that during your stay here you will find some time and chance to do it! Explore as much as you can and take as much benefit of your studies abroad as possible. Just don’t forget to always comply with the Corona restrictions. It would even be better to wait till the end of the lockdown. Because then you could explore more and have better experiences while traveling abroad. Good Luck!