Fitness freak or not – many of us enjoyed the short period of time last year where gyms were finally reopening. The smell of sweat, the loud crashing noises of heavy weights hitting the floor, muscled guys moaning under the squat rack and the feeling of our loaded gym bag over our shoulder gave us back a tiny piece of our pre-covid lifes. Deep down in second lockdown, this is ancient history now. So, what are we going to do, sit at home pouting and watch Netflix all day? No way Josè! Staying fit is incredibly important during times like this, and that’s why I’ll show you some easy tips on how to work out and stay in shape from home. 

Can you feel the burn? 

Have you been a gym member your whole life and don’t know how to survive without a squat rack and protein shakes? Or have you never entered a gym before and don’t know if a dumbbell is a chinese deli dish or just a very stupid bell? Worry no more, I got you all! Working out from home can be just as efficient as working out in the gym and can be tailored to every fitness level. The best thing: you don’t need anything else except your bodyweight – and after all the christmas cookies we’ve been eating lately, we sure got enough of that. 

All you need is a stable Wifi connection

The easiest and most entertaining way – for both beginners and pros – to work out at home is doing it with YouTube videos. There are numerous fitness accounts that offer high quality, real time workouts for every muscle group, fitness level and duration. So, no matter if you want to train your abs for ten minutes or do a whole body cardio workout for an hour, you’ll find the perfect one. Two of the best accounts specialized in home workouts are @PamelaReif and @MadFit. Even though you don’t need any additional weights, I promise you’ll feel your muscles burn like hell after you’re done. And if not, you can always repeat them! 

Resistance is key!

Colorful, rubbery and highly effective! Resistance bands are a game changer when it comes to home workouts.

If you want to add a little spice to your workouts – and especially if you want to grow your booty – it is clever to invest in some resistance bands. You can get those on Amazon for less than fifteen euro and train every muscle group with them. If you want to train – and grow – your booty, these bands are crucial! As you will see in a lot of videos focusing on your glutes, putting a resistance band around your knees or ankles really does the trick, because it activates the outer muscles of your butt, which leads to ultimate booty growth. 

Routine is key

To see results and stay fit, you should try to work out at least 3-4 times a week for half an hour or more. But remember: even doing a quick little workout twice a week is better than none at all. As always, don’t be too hard on yourself – your mental health is just as important as your physical one.  

To help you with your routine, down below is an idea of how your workout schedule could look like. With this plan, only consisting of free YouTube videos you can do at home without any equipment, you’ll train your whole body easily and effectively. Always do a quick warm up before you start, a really good one is linked here. Also bear in mind that you can always repeat the workouts if you don’t feel the burn yet! On rest-days it’s highly beneficial to incorporate some stretching or light yoga in your routine to prevent your muscles from getting tense and to clear your head a bit. 

Monday: 15 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT by PamelaReif
Tuesday: Restday (15 MIN DAILY STRETCH ROUTINE by MadFit)
Wednesday: 15 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT (Back, Arms, Chest, Shoulders) by MadFit
Thursday: Restday (8 MIN SITTING TOO MUCH STRETCH by PamelaReif)
Friday: 20 MIN AT HOME LEG WORKOUT by MadFit
Saturday: Restday (20 MIN MORNING YOGA by MadFit)

So, instead of watching the next episode of Bridgerton, put on some workout clothes, turn on YouTube and get that body moving!