Valentines Day during Corona Lockdown

Like many other festivities so far, this year’s Valentine’s Day also has to be adapted to the current conditions. The restrictions of the lockdown make it especially difficult for lovers to enjoy a relaxed time together this year. No going to the cinema, no fancy dinner in a restaurant and no drinks together in your city’s favourite bar. Of course you can also make yourself comfortable as a couple at home. It only gets really difficult when the lockdown means that couples cannot see or visit each other at all, such as in long-distance relationships. Thanks to digitalisation and creativity, there are solutions to make this day special anyway. We gathered a few of the best possibilities and compiled them for you and your loved one as suggestions below. 

Just because it’s Lockdown and the restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a romantic dinner. A virtual dinner over zoom is unconventional but can be just as much fun with the right person. Maybe you agree on the same recipe in advance and get the ingredients you need. This makes cooking together even more fun and you can exchange ideas about the preparation and the cooking process. It’s also perfect because you finish at the same time and can start eating at the same time. Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy dinner with your loved ones in front of the screen. 

The Spotify group session function provides the appropriate background music. You can edit a playlist and listen to the same music at the same time. This makes it possible to start, pause, skip and select songs from different smartphones in real time, so that changes are displayed in the same way on the devices. Music connects and so you can talk about your new favourite songs and give each other new inspiration.

On a usual Valentine’s Day in a world without corona, the suggestion of visiting the cinema would be obvious at this point of the evening. For couples and friends in long-distance relationships or for people who cannot see each other in person for other corona-related reasons, there is still an option to watch movies together. The solution is called “Teleparty”. “Teleparty” is an application that allows you to experience a movie night together. Here, the movies and series from Netflix are synchronised on different devices. In addition, a chat function appears, which you can use to exchange information about the movie. You may need to know that Teleparty only runs on the Google Chrome Browser so far. 

Another alternative for the evening or if you still haven’t had enough of each other after the movie, a virtual wine tasting might be something for you. If you look around a bit, you will find many different providers with different solutions. Some are live and bound to a specific time, where the provider conducts the wine tasting virtually for the audience. Another variant is that the tasting package including the wine is purchased in advance and the videos can be viewed on request via the provider’s website. If you buy the same tasting package for the evening, you can share the experience and make the evening special.

Another very special way to surprise your loved one that day is to secretly send some flowers. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to send a fresh flower bouquet to your friend without destroying the blossoms but for that exist several providers that have a variety of bouquets in their assortment. They will deliver your favourite selection directly to your sweetheart’s doorstep. A cute gesture that is probably not expected.

Of course, these suggestions aren’t only useful for Valentine’s Day, but also if you want to spend a Corona-compliant party evening with several friends. The Netflix party function for example, allows 50 people to take part in a session at the same time. Your own usernames and pictures ensure that you can recognise each other in the chat function. The same applies to Spotify. Here you can also experience and listen to synchronised music with several friends at the same time.