In celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility the Diversity Officers of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel and European University of Flensburg collaborated to host a series of online events. The events, which took place on March 29th and 31st, comprised three workshops and a panel discussion.

“Traditionally, Kiel UAS has celebrated the international Trans* Day of Visibility on March 31st for many years in order to draw attention to the rights of trans*, inter* and non-binary (TIN) people at the university and to strengthen their rights“,Alexa Magsaam, the Diversity Representative at Kiel UAS.

Over the years, the university has celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility through a variety of different activities, such as raising the Transgender Pride flag, screening films related to the topic, and arranging exchange forums for TIN students.

This year’s celebration of Transgender day of Visibility

This year, two workshops were held on March 29th. The first workshop focused on how people who are cisgender can develop a sense of solidarity with transgender and non-binary people. The second workshop started with a discussion on participants‘ own reflections on their gender identity and expression, followed by advice on how to practically display solidarity with transgender and non-binary people in everyday life.

On the morning of March 31st, an introductory workshop was conducted for lecturers and employees to shed light on gender diversity in the context of universities. Later in the evening, a panel discussion was held about transgender politics in universities.

The workshops, although carried out only over a span of two days, showcase a continuous effort from all universities to improve the everyday lives of transgender people at the university. Such workshops are just one of the many steps taken that lead to positive change, such as when in 2021, after a long process, 29 All Gender Toilets were installed at Kiel UAS.

Alexa Magsaam © J. Kläschen

The International Transgender Day of Visibility is a yearly observance held on March 31st. The aim is to honor and recognize the achievements of transgender individuals and to highlight the pervasive prejudice and social inequality they continue to confront on a global scale. Additionally, this day is intended to serve as a tribute to the valuable contributions made by transgender persons to society.

One of the primary responsibilities of the General Student Committee (AStA) at the Kiel UAS is to address social and queer issues concerning students. For more information about upcoming LGBTQIA+ events, follow AStA’s website or their Instagram profile @astafhkiel.

All university members can schedule a consultation with the Diversity Officer, Alexa Magsaam, by making an appointment via In addition, TIN university members have the option to change their e-mail-address through Kiel UAS.