Located along the Baltic Sea coast in northern Germany, Kiel is a city that beautifully balances its rich maritime heritage with a modern and innovative urban environment. With a history of over a millennium, Kiel has evolved into a vibrant center that offers a unique blend of culture and history. From its busy harbor to its thriving cultural sites, Kiel promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

If you are a new international student here at FH Kiel but are unfamiliar with this city, these locations could serve as an excellent starting guide to getting to know Kiel better. They offer a broad perspective, beyond the nightlife scene you may already be acquainted with. Here are 5 wonderful attractions that you must explore as you arrive at the beautiful capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

  1. Hiroshima Park 

Hiroshima Park. Photo by Elzė Puodžiūnaitė

Be sure to set aside some time to discover the beautiful Hiroshima Park. Situated right at the city’s center, this beautiful park provides a calm and peaceful hideaway from the hustle of daily city life. The park showcases a breathtaking landscape. The park is a beloved destination for both locals and tourists who come here to relax and de-stress in the natural splendor that surrounds them. A prominent attraction within the park is a wide range of plant species from across the globe. Whether you have an affinity for nature or simply seek a retreat from the city, this lovely park is the perfect destination to do so!

2. Take a ferry ride along Kiellinie

Kiellinie. Photo by Elzė Puodžiūnaitė

A ferry ride in Kiel is something that every student has to try. If you happen to live on the west side of the city, it is a most excellent and unique way to go to university every day. Extending approximately 17 kilometers, a journey with a ferry along the Kiel Fjord offers a fresh perspective of the city. During the summer season, the ferry route goes to Seegarten, Reventlou, Mönkeberg, Möltenort, Friedrichsort, and Laboe. Additionally, the ferry also makes stops at Falckenstein, Schilksee, and Strande. However, in the winter months, the stops are less frequent. While gliding along the fjord, you’ll have the chance to see glimpses of the neighboring countryside and the city’s skyline. The fjord is adorned with numerous marinas and sailing clubs. The awe-inspiring views and the opportunity to delve into the fjord’s rich history make it an unforgettable experience.

For more information on the routes, ferry timetables and locations visit https://www.sfk-kiel.de/en/ferries/fjord/

3. Kiel Botanical Garden

Kiel Botanical Garden. Photo by Elzė Puodžiūnaitė

The Botanical Garden situated in Kiel is a hidden treasure. This garden is a part of Kiel University’s Botanical Institute and also has a rich history spanning over three and a half centuries. The garden has been accessible to the public since 1985 and houses approximately 14,000 plant species. This captivating sanctuary is a retreat for those who cherish nature and seek respite from the daily commotion. It draws plant enthusiasts and researchers worldwide due to its extensive array of plants. As you wander through, you’ll encounter plants native to tropical rainforests, arid deserts, and even high-altitude alpine regions. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about ongoing research endeavors and the significance of plant conservation through informative exhibits and guided tours.

For more information on this beautiful garden, visit https://www.botanischer-garten.uni-kiel.de/en.

4. Kiel Maritime Museum

Kiel Maritime Museum. Photo by Elzė Puodžiūnaitė

A trip to the Kiel Maritime Museum is essential and unique to the city of Kiel. The museum houses an extensive array of objects pertaining to the maritime history of Kiel and the Baltic Sea region. From scale models of ships and navigation tools to maritime art pieces and historical relics, there’s something to captivate every visitor. Beyond the exhibitions, the Kiel Maritime Museum provides educational programs and guided tours suitable for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about maritime traditions, the museum has something to offer.

For more information on exhibitions, opening times, and information about the museum, visit https://www.kiel.de/de/kultur_freizeit/museum/schifffahrtsmuseum_fischhalle.php

5. Kiel Fish Markets (various locations)

Künnemann & Sohn fish market in Kiel. Photo by Elzė Puodžiūnaitė

Last but not least, since you live by the sea, you must explore a fish market in Kiel. Kiel fish markets are renowned for their extensive arrays of freshly caught seafood, encompassing fish, shellfish, and even exotic treats like octopus and sea urchin. Given Kiel’s extensive coastline along the Baltic Sea, the markets make full use of the abundant seafood available. Whether you’re seeking to stock up on fresh seafood or simply indulge in delicious new dishes, the markets are an essential destination for any seafood enthusiast. From the freshness of the catch to the lively atmosphere, a Kiel Fish Market guarantees an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few great locations to visit:

Kiel offers a wonderful environment for learning and cultural experiences, making it an appealing destination for students seeking a well-rounded educational experience. To make your stay here at Kiel even more memorable, make sure to pay a visit to these unique destinations!