You like the culture, you like Kiel, this application it’s perfect for you! You’re at Kiel during one week, one month or, for one year, and you want to discover Kiel and their history, the bars and restaurants, or watch a movie, take a look at this website.

You can find what you want in « KulturKompass Kiel », there is also an application for your smartphone!

You have different categories depending on what you like or what you want. For example, you’ve just arrived in Kiel by train and you want to sit in a café near the « Hauptbahnhof » to drink something, check and the application proposes to you the « Mum & Dad ». You could find where it is thanks to the map, and all the information about the café: their schedules, the website, and a little description.

After resting well, you decide to discover the city, the app proposes to you «Kieler Kloster », it is a very important Monastery in Kiel. In this place, you can see many sculptures in the garden and if you like music, especially the carillon, you have regular concerts.

Unfortunately, it starts to rain. What better time to take a trip to the museum! And to continue to learn about the history of Kiel, « Stadtmuseum Warleberger Hof » is for you. It’s one of the older buildings in Kiel, you have different exposition that can change and the main one is about the history of the city from the 19th and the 20th centuries and also about art and culture.

To finish this day, you can go to the « Opernhaus Kiel » (Theater Kiel) where you can see performances such as ballets or orchestras depending on what you like. And even if you don’t understand German, don’t worry, you can find some representation without dialogue, just listen to the music and look at the artists.

Here, is an example that you can find thanks to this application. Do not hesitate to go and see and find your happiness.

But, the only thing I can reproach to this application, it is you can just check where is the place and you have just a little description of the buildings. But if you want more information, for example for exhibition or performance programs, you have to check yourself on their website.