Let´s celebrate tomorrows Lesbian Visibility Day. For this reason the Queer department of the AStA invite to a FLINTA* picnic on Tuesday, 26th of April from 4 p.m. in the AStA building of the FH, Moorblöcken 1a.

Since 2008 the Lesbian Visibility Day has be celebrated on this day. It´s at the same time an Awareness Day for this group of people. FLINTA stands for Female, Lesbian, Inter*, Non-Binary, Trans* and Agender. Everyone who positions themselves on this spectrum is welcome.

AStA FH Kiel building
The picnic will take place at the AStA building of FH (Photo: Celina Lein)

You want to join? Write an e-mail to queer(at)asta.fh-kiel.de  or send a message on Instagram, but registration is not required.

Bring something to eat and drink and let´s have a nice afternoon!