It’s that time again: the Interdisciplinary Weeks (IDW) at FH Kiel have begun. If you want to make the most of these two weeks to boost your finances, you should continue reading.

What is Jobmensa?

Jobmensa, a brand under Jobvalley, is an online job portal that specializes in connecting students with part-time job opportunities. On the website, you can find job listings from various companies in your university town. What sets it apart is the flexibility it offers. Here, you’ll find not only traditional job listings where you commit to a single company, but also the option to work shifts at different companies as an employee of Jobvalley. For instance, if you want to work as a cashier during the IDW, you can schedule shifts at a furniture shop in the first week and at a supermarket in the second. This is made possible by Jobvalley’s use of flexible one-week contracts. Some companies, however, may require you to be available for a specific duration.

Screenshot from for the example Kiel + Cashier
Screenshot from /example Kiel + Cashier

How Does Jobmensa Work?

First, register on and download the Jobvalley App. Create a profile with information about your language skills, previous work experience, your major, and your qualifications. A well-crafted profile enhances your chances of getting noticed by employers. Once your profile is complete, you can use the “Job feed” and “Job recommendations” sections to browse job listings. With a single click on “apply,” your information will be forwarded.

After your initial application, a Jobvalley staff member will contact you via phone to clarify details and possibly ask questions about your profile. Before starting your first job, you will be required to upload essential documents onto the app. These may include enrollment certificates, insurance records, bank details, and, if needed, work permits. Through the app, you can schedule shifts for your chosen job. It also suggests new shifts that fit your schedule, allowing you to decide when and where you want to work.

Whether during the IDW, throughout your entire academic journey, or as you transition into your professional career, Jobmensa offers a straightforward way to search for suitable job opportunities. For more information please visit