Living independently as a student, expenses such as food and transportation are inevitable fixed costs. For those managing these financial aspects, here are two carefully selected apps. They can not only help save money, but also contribute to environmental well-being. Let’s explore these digital companions to enhance both the financial and eco-friendly aspects of student life.

1. Too Good To Go

© Screenshot from Too Good To Go

“Too Good To Go” originated from the global issue: Too much food is being thrown away.This revolutionary application fights against food waste and makes people do it as well by connecting users with local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and grocery stores to save surplus food that would be discarded otherwise. Launched in North America in October 2020, it is now widely used across major European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, and more. According to its goal – reducing food waste and promoting sustainability – the app provides a platform for local businesses to sell unsold yet perfectly edible food at a discounted price to users. Users can accordingly buy these food items through the app. In essence, this ‘same-day inventory handling’ application creates a win-win situation that not only prevents food waste from occurring but also allows consumers to enjoy cost-effective meals.

How to get a Too Good To Go bag

(Pictures: Screenshots from Too Good To Go)

There are brief descriptions of a bundle of products offered by stores, so-called ‘Surprise bag’ in this app. Since it is literally a surprise, you can discover the size and the contents of the bag only when you visit the store in person at the pick-up time after making a payment through the app.

2. Donkey Republic

© Screenshot from Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic is a bike-sharing service, allowing users to rent bikes/e-bikes through the app in various cities around the world. The idea was born in 2012, when Erdem Ovacik, its co-founder, introduced a bike-sharing concept in Copenhagen. Bikes were placed around the city with combination locks for easy access without key exchanges. Since then, this innovative system with a wireless lock has been contributing to the creation of a greener Earth by providing accessible sustainable mobility for all. It continues to work towards positive influences as stubbornly as a donkey.

How to rent a bike

(Pictures: Screenshots from Donkey Republic)

The same applies to returning the bike. Find nearby drop-off locations, press the ‘End Rental’ button on the screen, and complete the following process.

You can find more information on the website or in my previous article when it comes to the biking route recommendation.

Now that you know about these two apps, you’ve gained insights into financial conservation and ways to make both your body and the environment healthier. You will feel a sense of pride when you see how much money you’ve saved and how you’ve contributed to environmental conservation, as shown in the pictures(© Screenshots from each application).

So now, how about going for a bike ride to get a Surprise bag?